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Mitchell, Denis (1911-1990)

Film & TV credits

Television credits
IN PRISONBBC tx 19/4/1957producer; script
EYE TO EYE: Night in the CityBBC tx 14/6/1957director
SPECIAL ENQUIRY: BRITAIN'S TEENAGERSBBC tx 25/3/1959producer; presenter
MORNING IN THE STREETSBBC tx 25/3/1959director
A SOHO STORYBBC tx 22/4/1959director; producer
THE WIND OF CHANGEBBC tx 10-12/4/1960 (3 pts)producer
GRASS ROOTSBBC tx 4/10/1961director
ED AND FRANKBBC tx 5/10/1961producer
CHICAGO: PORTRAIT OF A CITYBBC tx 21/2/1961director; producer
SUMMER IN LEBANONBBC tx 20/2/1962producer
THE CHANGING VILLAGEBBC tx 18/4/1962producer
THE INTRUDERSITV tx 17/9/1963director
THE ENTERTAINERSITV tx 25/3/1964deviser; producer
A WEDDING ON SATURDAYITV tx 1/4/1964director; production team member
THE DREAM MACHINEITV tx 11/11/1964director
SHARONITV tx 9/12/1964producer
THE HOUSE ON THE BEACHITV tx 13/10/1965director
THIS ENGLAND (series 1)ITV tx 29/12/1965-12/1/1966 (3 edns)producer
THIS ENGLAND (series 2)ITV tx 25/5-16/8/1966 (12 edns)producer
THIS ENGLAND (series 3)ITV tx 7/3-28/4/1967 (9 edns)producer
INTERTEL: Spring in EthiopiaITV tx 28/3/1967director; narrator
THE WRESTLERSITV tx 5/9/1967producer
INSIDE LOCAL GOVERNMENTBBC1 tx 8/10-17/12/1967 (11 pts)presenter
YOU'RE THE BOSSBBC1 tx 18/4-16/5/1968 (5 pts)presenter
DEVELOPING A SMALL FIRMBBC1 tx 6/10-8/12/1968 (10 pts)presenter
MEN OF CHARACTER1970director
WORLD IN ACTIONITVcontributing producer (1970-71)
AQUARIUS: Denis Mitchell: Television's Master Film MakerITV tx 17/10/1970on-screen participant
SEVEN MENITV tx 27/2-8/5/1971 (7 edns)producer
A EUROPEAN JOURNEY (series 1)ITV tx 24/1-6/3/1972 (7 pts)director
A EUROPEAN JOURNEY (series 2)ITV tx 15/3-10/5/1973 (9 pts)director
PRIVATE LIVES (series 1)ITV tx 15/9-27/10/1974 (3 edns)director; presenter
PRIVATE LIVES (series 2)ITV tx 20/4-11/5/1975 (4 edns)director; producer; presenter
WORLD IN ACTION: The Republic of RhodesiaITV tx 1/3/1976director
NEVER AND ALWAYSITV tx 15/6/1977director
ARENA: TELEVISION: WHEN IS A PLAY NOT A PLAY?BBC2 tx 17/4/1978on-screen participant
THIS ENGLAND: Green TablesITV tx 11/9/1978director; producer
MARYPORTITV tx 25/7/1979director; producer
THIS ENGLAND: The Pennines: A Writer's NotebookITV tx 16/8-6/9/1979 (4 pts)director; producer
IMPRESSIONSBBC2 tx 24/4-12/6/1981 (7 edns)director; producer; script
SHADES OF GREEN (series 1)Channel 4 tx 5-19/12/1982 (3 edns)director
SHADES OF GREEN (series 2)Channel 4 tx 26/5-14/11/1985 (11 edns)director; producer
BILL SMAILES OF CRASTERChannel 4 tx 8/8/1986director; producer
UNCLE GEORGE WILLYChannel 4 tx 31/8/1986director; producer
JUST A PHOTOGRAPHChannel 4 tx 7/9/1986director; producer
PAST TIMES: A TRACTOR MUSEUM12/7/1986director; producer
DON OFF THE DIASChannel 4 tx 25/7/1986director; producer
A DAY AT WILTON'SChannel 4 tx 1/8/1986director; producer
CHANGING TIMESChannel 4 tx 13/8-10/9/1986 (5 edns)director
A PROSPECT OF RIVERSChannel 4 tx 15/2-7/31988 (4 pts)executive producer
THE LATE SHOWBBC2 tx 4/10/1990subject of item
DENIS MITCHELLBBC2 tx 20/7/1991subject of programme
Film credits
LOOK AT BRITAIN: The Saturday Men1963script