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Cartier, Rudolph (1904-94)

Film & TV credits

Television credits
ARROW TO THE HEARTBBC tx 20/7/1952producer
THE DYBBUKBBC tx 21/10/1952producer
IT IS MIDNIGHT, DR. SCHWEITZERBBC tx 22/2/1953producer
L'AIGLONBBC tx 12/4/1953producer
WILL SHAKESPEARE BBC tx 24/5/1953 producer
THE QUATERMASS EXPERIMENTBBC tx 18/7-22/8/1953 (6 pts)producer
OPERATION 'NORTHSTAR'BBC tx 25/10/1953producer
WUTHERING HEIGHTSBBC tx 6/12/1953producer
SACRIFICE TO THE WINDBBC tx 26/1/1954producer
SUCH MEN ARE DANGEROUSBBC tx 28/2/1954producer
SORRY - WRONG NUMBERBBC tx 27/3/1954producer
THAT LADY BBC tx 2/5/1954producer
COUNT ALBANYBBC tx 25/5/1954producer
LIEBELEI BBC tx 15/6/1954 producer
CAPTAIN BANNER BBC tx 8/8/1954producer
REBECCABBC tx 10/10/1954producer
NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOURBBC tx 12/12/1954producer
THE CREATURE BBC tx 30/1/1955producer
MOMENT OF TRUTH BBC tx 6/3/1955producer
MIDSUMMER FIRE BBC tx 17/4/1955producer
THUNDER ROCKBBC tx 17/5/1955producer
VALE OF SHADOWSBBC tx 26/7/1955producer
QUATERMASS IIBBC tx 22/10-26/11/1955 (6 pts)producer
SUNDAY-NIGHT THEATRE: The Devil's GeneralBBC tx 18/12/1955producer
SUNDAY-NIGHT THEATRE: The White FalconBBC tx 5/2/1956producer
SUNDAY-NIGHT THEATRE: The Mayerling AffairBBC tx 11/3/1956producer
SUNDAY-NIGHT THEATRE: Arrow to the HeartBBC tx 22/4/1956producer
SUNDAY-NIGHT THEATRE: The FugitiveBBC tx 1/7/1956producer
SUNDAY-NIGHT THEATRE: The Cold LightBBC tx 29/7/1956producer
SUNDAY-NIGHT THEATRE: Dark VictoryBBC tx 18/11/1956producer
SUNDAY-NIGHT THEATRE: Clive of IndiaBBC tx 30/12/1956producer
THE QUEEN AND THE REBELSBBC tx 14/2/1957producer
SUNDAY-NIGHT THEATRE: The Public ProsecutorBBC tx 7/4/1957producer
SUNDAY-NIGHT THEATRE: The Lass of Richmond HillBBC tx 9/6/1957producer
SUNDAY-NIGHT THEATRE: The Magnificent EgoistBBC tx 14/7/1957producer
SALOMEBBC tx 26/9/1957producer
ORDEAL BY FIREBBC tx 31/10/1957producer
SUNDAY-NIGHT THEATRE: Counsellor-at-LawBBC tx 8/12/1957producer
TELEVISION WORLD THEATRE: Captain of KoepenickBBC tx 19/1/1958producer
THE WINSLOW BOYBBC tx 13/3/1958producer
SUNDAY-NIGHT THEATRE: The FrogBBC tx 20/7/1958producer
A TALE OF TWO CITIESBBC tx 2/10/1958producer
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAMBBC tx 9/11/1958producer
QUATERMASS AND THE PITBBC tx 22/12-26/1/1959 (6 pts)producer
SUNDAY-NIGHT THEATRE: The Philadelphia StoryBBC tx 14/6/1959producer
TELEVISION WORLD THEATRE: Mother Courage and Her ChildrenBBC tx 30/6/1959producer
SUNDAY-NIGHT THEATRE: A Small RevolutionBBC tx 26/7/1959producer
OTHELLOBBC tx 1/10/1959producer
TELEVISION WORLD THEATRE: The White GuardBBC tx 31/1/1960producer
GLORIOUS MORNINGBBC tx 10/4/1960producer
TOBIAS AND THE ANGELBBC tx 19/5/1960producer
RASHOMONBBC tx 3/3/1961producer
SUMMER THEATRE: The Devil's GeneralBBC tx 14/8/1960producer
ADVENTURE STORYBBC tx 12/6/1961producer
ANNA KARENINABBC tx 3/11/1961producer
SUNDAY-NIGHT PLAY: Cross of IronBBC tx 19/11/1961producer
MAIGRET: The Golden FleeceBBC tx 4/12/1961producer
MAIGRET: The LiarsBBC tx 18/12/1961producer
SUSPENSE: The Man in My ShoesBBC tx 30/4/1962producer
WUTHERING HEIGHTSBBC tx 11/5/1962producer
SUNDAY-NIGHT PLAY: Sword of VengeanceBBC tx 29/7/1962producer
STUDIO 4: Doctor Korczak and the ChildrenBBC tx 13/8/1962producer
SUNDAY-NIGHT PLAY: The Aspern PapersBBC tx 18/11/1962producer
CARMENBBC tx 20/12/1962producer
ANNA CHRISTIEBBC tx 4/1/1963producer
Z CARS: Nothing SeriousBBC tx 8/5/1963director
Z CARS: ScareBBC tx 5/6/1963director
THE SUNDAY PLAY: Night ExpressBBC tx 11/8/1963director
FESTIVAL: StalingradBBC tx 4/12/1963director
MAIGRET: Peter the LettBBC tx 17/12/1963director
FESTIVAL: The Respectful ProstituteBBC tx 8/1/1964director
FESTIVAL: Lady of the CamelliasBBC tx 12/2/1964director
THE MIDNIGHT MENBBC2 tx 21/6-26/7/1964 (6 pts)director
THE WEDNESDAY PLAY: The July PlotBBC1 tx 9/12/1964director
THURSDAY THEATRE: Wings of the DoveBBC2 tx 14/1/1965director
THEATRE 625: IronhandBBC2 tx 11/4/1965director
PLAY OF THE MONTH: The Joel Brand StoryBBC1 tx 14/12/1965director
PLAY OF THE MONTH: Gordon of KhartoumBBC1 tx 18/1/1966director
PLAY OF THE MONTH: Lee Oswald - AssassinBBC1 tx 15/3/1966director
OUT OF THE UNKNOWN: Level SevenBBC2 tx 27/10/1966director
THIRTEEN AGAINST FATE: The SurvivorsBBC1 tx 14/8/1966director
THIRTY-MINUTE THEATRE: BrainscrewBBC2 tx 12/12/1966director
THEATRE 625: FirebrandBBC2 tx 2/7/1967director
THEATRE 625: The Burning BushBBC2 tx 12/11/1967director
THE MONEY PROGRAMME: West Berlin: The Artificial CityBBC2 tx 22/12/1967on-screen participant
THIRTY-MINUTE THEATRE: The News-BendersBBC2 tx 10/1/1968director
THEATRE 625: The FanaticsBBC2 tx 29/4/1968director
LATE NIGHT HORROR: Triumph of DeathBBC2 tx 10/5/1968director
THIRTY-MINUTE THEATRE: These Men Are Dangerous: HitlerBBC2 tx 27/1/1969director
OUT OF THE UNKNOWN: The Naked SunBBC2 tx 18/2/1969director
THE REBELBBC1 tx 4/4/1969director
THIRTY-MINUTE THEATRE: Conversation at NightBBC2 tx 8/5/1969director
PLAY OF THE MONTH: An Ideal HusbandBBC1 tx 11/5/1969director
REMBRANDTBBC2 tx 18/12/1969director, producer
MUSIC ON 2: The BearBBC2 tx 1/2/1970director
THIRTY-MINUTE THEATRE: The Year of the CrowBBC2 tx 2/10/1970director
THIRTY MINUTE THEATRE: The ProposalBBC2 tx 15/2/1971director
PLAY OF THE MONTH: Lady Windermere's FanBBC1 tx 14/5/1972director
PLAY OF THE MONTH: Deep Blue SeaBBC1 tx 17/3/1974director
FALL OF EAGLES: Dress RehearsalBBC1 tx 10/5/1974director
FALL OF EAGLES: End GameBBC1 tx 7/6/1974director
PLAY OF THE MONTH: LoyaltiesBBC1 tx 29/2/1976director
THE LATE SHOWBBC2 tx 25/10/1990interviewee
RUDOLPH CARTIER: A TELEVISION PIONEERBBC2 tx 1/7/1994subject of programme
Film credits
G'SCHICHTEN AUS DEM WIENER WALDGermany, 1928screenplay
DER TIGER/DER TIGER VON BERLINGermany, 1930screenplay
THE MAN FROM MOROCCO1945original story
CORRIDOR OF MIRRORS1948screenplay, producer
THE NAKED HEART1950producer