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Hylton, Jack (1892-1965)

Film & TV credits

Film credits  
SHE SHALL HAVE MUSIC1935Himself / music
BAND WAGGON1940Himself
Television credits  
VARIETYITV tx 29/9/1955producer/presenter
HYLTON HALF HOURITV tx 4/10/1955-6/1/1956 (5 edns)producer/presenter
JACK HYLTON PRESENTSITV tx 13/10/1955-13/4/1956 (14 edns)producer/presenter
YOUTH TAKES A BOWITV tx 18/10/1955-23/1/1956 (8 edns)producer/presenter
LOVE AND KISSESITV tx 4/11-2/12/1955 (5 pts)producer/presenter
BABES IN THE WOODITV tx 23/12/1955producer/presenter
YOU'D NEVER BELIEVE ITITV tx 5/1-26/4/1956 (3 edns)producer/presenter
THE ARTHUR HELLIWELL SHOWITV tx 30/1-21/2/1956 (3 edns)producer/presenter
BEFORE YOUR VERY EYESITV tx 10/2-5/5/1958 (17 edns)producer/presenter
I'M NOT BOTHEREDITV tx 10/4-11/9/1956 (23 edns)producer/presenter
JOKERS WILDITV tx 24/4/1956producer/presenter
THE TONY HANCOCK SHOW (first series)ITV tx 27/4-1/6/1956 (6 edns)producer/presenter
THE CRAZY GANGITV tx 24/5-13/9/1956 (5 edns)producer/presenter
JACK BUCHANANITV tx 8/6-13/7/1956 (6 edns)producer/presenter
ME AND MY GIRLITV tx 21/6/1956producer/presenter
MY HUSBAND AND IITV tx 20/7-12/10/1956 (7 eps)producer/presenter
AL READITV tx 27/7/1956producer/presenter
THE LILAC DOMINOITV tx 9/8/1956producer/presenter
FRIDAY NIGHTITV tx 24/8/1956, 4/1/1957producer/presenter
FRIDAY NIGHT WITH TERRY-THOMASITV tx 7/9/1956producer/presenter
FRIDAY NIGHT WITH THE CRAZY GANGITV tx 21/9-19/10/1956 (3 edns)producer/presenter
TWENTY TO ONEITV tx 27/9/1956producer/presenter
ALFRED MARKS TIME (first series)ITV tx 11/10/1956-2/1/1957producer/presenter
THE LADY RATLINGS ON PARADEITV tx 25/10/1956-20/11/1958 (8 edns)producer/presenter
THE TONY HANCOCK SHOW (second series)ITV tx 16/11/1956-25/1/1957 (6 edns)producer/presenter
THE STRAKER SPECIALITV tx 22/11/1956producer/presenter
HUMPTY DUMPTYITV tx 20/12/1956producer/presenter
CHRISTMAS GREETINGSITV tx 21/12/1956producer/presenter
BALALAIKAITV tx 17/1/1957producer/presenter
MUSIC BOXITV tx 18/1-30/9/1957 (6 edns)producer/presenter
THE ROBERT DHÉRY SHOW (first series)ITV tx 22/2-29/3/1957 (4 edns)producer/presenter
ARTHUR'S ANNIVERSARYITV tx 15/3/1957producer/presenter
HIGH BUTTON SHOESITV tx 28/3/1957producer/presenter
FLANAGAN AND ALLEN TOGETHER AGAINITV tx 5/4-14/6/1957 (6 edns)producer/presenter
DUGGIE HURN'S SPRING FLINGITV tx 11/4/1957producer/presenter
LIVING IT UP (first series)ITV tx 12/4-10/5/1957 (3 edns)producer/presenter
HOTEL RIVIERAITV tx 24/5-2/8/1957 (6 edns)producer/presenter
WALTZ TIMEITV tx 6/6/1957producer/presenter
BESIDE THE SEASIDEITV tx 28/6-6/9/1957 (6 edns)producer/presenter
JUMP FOR JOYITV tx 4/7/1957producer/presenter
SUMMER'S HEREITV tx 18/7-29/8/1957 (3 edns)producer/presenter
FROM THE VICTORIA PALACEITV tx 1/8/1957producer/presenter
THAT'S LIFE!ITV tx 16/9-25/11/1957 (6 edns)producer/presenter
SALUTE TO SHOW BUSINESSITV tx 20/9/1957producer/presenter
PEOPLE LIKE USITV tx 7/10-4/11/1957 (3 eps)producer/presenter
SEE YOU IN SOHOITV tx 19/12/1957producer/presenter
THE CRAZY GANG'S PARTYITV tx 23/12/1957producer/presenter
HIGHLIGHTS OF 1957ITV tx 30/12/1957producer/presenter
JACK HYLTON'S MONDAY SHOWITV tx 6/1-26/5/1958 (16 edns)producer/presenter
ALFRED MARKS TIME (second series)ITV tx 30/1-22/5/1958 (5 edns)producer/presenter
SEE YOU, SOHOITV tx 13/2 & 13/3/1958 (2 edns)producer/presenter
THE ROBERT DHÉRY SHOW (second series)ITV tx 8/5 & 19/5/1958 (2 edns)producer/presenter
ON WITH THE SHOWITV tx 5/6-30/7/1958 (5 edns)producer/presenter
THE DICKIE HENDERSON SHOWITV tx 4/7-12/9/1958 (10 edns)producer/presenter
ALAN YOUNGITV tx 28/8-6/11/1958 (6 edns)producer/presenter
THE CRAZY GANG - MAKE ME LAUGHITV tx 15/9-20/10/1958 (5 edns)producer/presenter
WAGON TRAIN - THE SARAH DRUMMOND STORYITV tx 6/10/1958producer/presenter
LIVING IT UP (second series)ITV tx 3/11-1/12/1958 (5 edns)producer/presenter
THE ENTERTAINERSITV tx 4/12/1958producer/presenter
THE ANNE SHELTON SHOWITV tx 15/12/1958-20/4/1959 (12 edns)producer/presenter
HIGHLIGHTS OF 1958ITV tx 29/12/1958producer/presenter
NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTYITV tx 31/12/1958producer/presenter
FOCUS ON YOUTH (first series)ITV tx 7/1-18/2/1959 (7 edns)producer/presenter
ALFRED MARKS TIME (third series)ITV tx 2/2-27/4/1959 (7 edns)producer/presenter
ROSALINA NERIITV tx 25/2-2/4/1959 (6 edns)producer/presenter
ARTHUR ASKEY SATURDAY SPECTACULARITV tx 28/2, 12/9 & 24/10/1959 (3 edns)producer/presenter
THE CYRIL FLETCHER SHOWITV tx 9/4-14/5/1959 (6 edns)producer/presenter
THE DICKIE HENDERSON HALF-HOUR (first series)ITV tx 4/5-22/6/1959 (8 edns)producer/presenter
FOCUS ON YOUTH (second series)ITV tx 21/5-28/7/1959 (10 edns)producer/presenter
SOMETHING IN THE CITYITV tx 6/7-3/8/1959 (5 eps)producer/presenter
ALL FOR PLEASUREITV tx 4/8-8/9/1959 (5 eps)producer/presenter
GERT AND DAISYITV tx 17/8-16/9/1959 (5 eps)producer/presenter
THE ROSALINA NERI SHOWITV tx 18/9-23/10/1959 (6 eps)producer/presenter
TELL IT TO THE MARINESITV tx 23/9/1959-13/4/1960 (17 eps)producer/presenter
GAY OPERETTAITV tx 30/10-4/12/1959 (6 edns)producer/presenter
THE DICKIE HENDERSON HALF-HOUR (second series)ITV tx 11/12/1959-29/1/1960 (7 edns)producer/presenter
LIFE BEGINS AT EIGHTYITV tx 5/2-25/3/1960 (8 edns)producer/presenter
THE MUSIC GOES ROUNDITV tx 8/4/1960producer/presenter
THE ROYAL VARIETY PERFORMANCEITV tx 22/5/1960producer/presenter
THE LAST NIGHT OF THE CRAZY GANGITV tx 20/5/1962producer/presenter
BUDITV tx 26/7/1963Himself