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Bentine, Michael (1922-1996)

Film & TV credits

Television credits
GOONREELBBC tx 2/7/1952script / cast member
CORONATION MUSIC-HALLBBC tx 30/5/1953performer
RE-TURN IT UP!BBC tx 13/6/1953performer
THE BUMBLIES (series 1)BBC tx 14/2-25/4/1954 (6 edns)script / voice
THE BUMBLIES (series 2)BBC tx 26/9-12/12/1954 (6 edns)script / voice
IT PAYS TO BE IGNORANTBBC tx 3 & 17/6/1957 (2 edns)cast member
SUMMER'S HEREITV tx 18/7-26/9/1957 (4 edns)cast member
YES, IT'S THE CATHODE-RAY TUBE SHOW!BBC tx 11/2-18/3/1957 (6 edns)script / cast member
PEOPLE IN TROUBLE: StammeringITV tx 30/9/1958interviewee
AFTER HOURS (series 1)ITV tx 5/10/1958-18/1/1959 (15 edns)script / cast member
THE ANNE SHELTON SHOWITV tx 23/3/1959guest
AFTER HOURS (series 2)ITV tx 12/9-19/12/1959 (13 edns)script / cast member
IT'S A SQUARE WORLDBBC tx 16/4/1960creator; script / cast member
IT'S A SQUARE WORLD (series 1)BBC tx 26/4-31/5/1961 (6 edns)creator; script / cast member
IT'S A SQUARE WORLD (series 2)BBC tx 5/10-9/11/1961 (6 edns)creator; script / cast member
IT'S A SQUARE WORLD (series 3)BBC tx 19/4-31/5/1962 (7 edns)creator; script / cast member
IT'S A SQUARE WORLD (series 4)BBC tx 4/10-8/11/1962 (6 edns)creator; script / cast member
CHRISTMAS NIGHT WITH THE STARS: It's a Square WorldBBC tx 25/12/1962creator; script / cast member
IT'S A SQUARE WORLD (series 5)BBC tx 3/5-21/6/1963 (8 edns)creator; script / cast member
IT'S A SQUARE WORLDBBC tx 19/4/1963creator; script / cast member
IT'S A SQUARE WORLD (series 6)BBC tx 14/11-31/12/1963 (8 edns)creator; script / cast member
CHRISTMAS NIGHT WITH THE STARS: It's a Square WorldBBC tx 25/12/1963creator; script / cast member
IT'S A SQUARE WORLD (series 7)BBC tx 27/9-20/12/1964 (13 edns)creator; script / cast member
ALL SQUARE (series 1)ITV tx 1/10-12/11/1966 (7 edns)script / cast member
ALL SQUARE (series 2)ITV tx 1/4-13/5/1967 (7 edns)script / cast member
GOLDEN SILENTSBBC2 tx 12/9/1969-28/12/1970 (31 edns)presenter
FROST ON SUNDAYITV tx 22/2/1970cast member
TOMMY COOPERITV tx 28/3/1970guest
JOKERS WILDITV tx 18/8/1971on-screen participant
MIKE, PHIL AND ALBERTITV tx 22/8/1971script / cast member
JOKERS WILDITV tx 8/9/1971host
BY, WITH AND FROM BENTINEBBC2 tx 24/9/1971script / cast member
CILLABBC1 tx 20/11/1971guest
ASK ASPEL: Michael BentineBBC1 tx 28/7/1972guest
MICHAEL BENTINE TIMEBBC2 tx 15/9-8/12/1972 (13 edns)script / cast member
TALK ABOUT LONDONBBC1 tx 26/9/1972script / cast member
JOKERS WILDITV tx 7/6/1973cast member
JOKERS WILDITV tx 2/8/1973cast member
JOKERS WILDITV tx 7/9/1973cast member
MICHAEL BENTINE'S POTTY TIME (series 1)ITV tx 12/11/1973-6/5/1974 (26 edns)creator; script / presenter
LOOKS FAMILIARITV tx 5/12/1973guest
MICHAEL BENTINE'S POTTY TIME (series 2)ITV tx 8/1-2/4/1975 (13 edns)creator; script / presenter
QUICK ON THE DRAWITV tx 10/6/1975on-screen participant
QUICK ON THE DRAWITV tx 15/71975on-screen participant
QUICK ON THE DRAWITV tx 22/7/1975on-screen participant
QUICK ON THE DRAWITV tx 12/8/1975on-screen participant
BENTINEITV tx 22/9/1975script / cast member
ARTS BAZAARITV tx 27/10-8/12/1975 (6 edns)presenter
LOOKS FAMILIARITV tx 12/1/1976on-screen participant
A PORTRAIT OF MICHAEL BENTINEBBC2 tx 29/1/1976script / cast member
SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE MILL6/3/1976on-screen participant
PARKINSONBBC1 tx 4/12/1976guest
WORLD OF SPORT: TV Times Pro-Am Darts Tournament Darts International Sports SpecialITV tx 18/12/1976on-screen participant
MICHAEL BENTINE'S POTTY TIME (series 3)ITV tx 4/1-5/4/1977 (13 edns)creator; script / presenter
JUST A NIMMOBBC2 tx 20/1/1977guest
COMEDY SPECIAL: Michael Bentine's Square WorldBBC1 tx 19/4/1977script / cast member
QUICK ON THE DRAWITV tx 30/6/1977on-screen participant
QUICK ON THE DRAWITV tx 15/71977on-screen participant
ANIMAL MAGICBBC1 tx 9/8/1977on-screen participant
THE SKY AT NIGHT: Suns, Space-Ships, and Bug-Eyed MonstersBBC1 tx 14/12/1977guest
MICHAEL BENTINE'S POTTY TIME (series 4)ITV tx 11/1-22/2/1978 (7 edns)creator; script / presenter
QUICK ON THE DRAW (series 5)ITV tx 9/2-31/8/1978 (17 edns)presenter
MICHAEL BENTINE'S POTTY TIME (series 5)ITV tx 31/5-12/7/1978 (6 edns)creator; script / presenter
THAT'S LIFEBBC1 tx 18/6/1978on-screen participant
MICHAEL BENTINE'S POTTY TIME (series 6)ITV tx 2/1-6/2/1979 (6 edns)creator; script / presenter
LOOKS FAMILIARITV tx 1/2/1979guest
PARKINSONBBC1 tx 17/2/1979guest
THE BRITISH ACADEMY AWARDSBBC1 tx 22/3/1979award presenter
QUICK ON THE DRAW (series 6)ITV tx 17/5-22/11/1979 (20 edns)presenter
THE SKY AT NIGHT: UFOs - Fact or FantasyBBC1 tx 11/12/1979guest
PARKINSONBBC1 tx 6/2/1980guest
CLOSE: Michael BentineITV tx 26/2-3/3/1980 (6 edns)reader
MICHAEL BENTINE'S POTTY TIME (series 7)ITV tx 9/4-21/5/1980 (7 edns)creator; script / presenter
TOP SAILING: Creek Crawler ExtraordinaryBBC1 tx 13/8/1980on-screen participant
OPEN DOOR: I Wish I Could Have Said it Like ThatBBC2 tx 9/10/1980on-screen participant
VILLAGE ACTION13/10-17/11/1980 (6 pts)presenter
PARKINSONBBC1 tx 15/10/1980guest
HERE COMES CHANNEL 8ITV tx 21/10/1980cast member
IT'S CHRISTMAS!ITV tx 23-29/12/1980 (6 edns)presenter
MADABOUT: RacingITV tx 2/12/1981presenter
SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL (series 1)ITV tx 28/3-16/9/1983 (60 edns)presenter
SIX FIFTY-FIVEBBC2 tx 19/8/1983guest
SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL (series 2)ITV tx 4-10/1/1984 (3 edns)presenter
THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE: Patrick MooreBBC1 tx 15/6/1984on-screen participant
PEBBLE MILL AT ONEBBC1 tx 23/10/1984interviewee
THE AFTERNOON SHOWBBC1 tx 25/10/1984interviewee
ALICE IN WONDERLANDITV tx 26/3-23/4/1985 (5 pts)voice [pts 3-5]
BREAKFAST TIMEBBC1 tx 31/10/1985interviewee
PEBBLE MILL AT ONE: Old FriendsBBC1 tx 23/5/1986interviewee
SIR HARRY - A CELEBRATIONBBC1 tx 20/12/1986on-screen participant
WOGANBBC1 tx 18/5/1987guest
WHEN I GET TO HEAVENBBC1 tx 16/8/1988interviewee
BREAKFAST TIMEBBC1 tx 27/10/1988interviewee
AFTER DARK: Life After Death - What Is There to Believe in?Channel 4 tx 29/7/1989on-screen participant
DAYTIME LIVEBBC1 tx 24/11/1989guest
APPEAL: The RAF Benevolent FundITV tx 26/8/1990presenter
THE GARDEN PARTYBBC1 tx 6/9/1991on-screen participant
HIGHWAY: A Journey from Dungeness to RyeITV tx 8/9/1991guest
SUMMER SCENEBBC1 tx 23/6/1992interviewee
PEBBLE MILLBBC1 tx 18/5/1993interviewee
FOUR-MATIONS: ASPECTS OF COMEDY: Bob Godfrey: A Life in ShortsChannel 4 tx 8/6/1993on-screen participant
PEBBLE MILLBBC1 tx 4/5/1994interviewee
BIG DAY OUT: LincolnshireBBC1 tx 15/9/1994guest
GOOD MORNING WITH ANNE AND NICKBBC1 tx 26/10/1994interviewee
PEBBLE MILLBBC1 tx 2/5/1995interviewee
THE FROST PROGRAMMEITV tx 4/5/1995interviewee
THE WEST STORY: Michael Bentine: Is There Anybody There?ITV tx 30/10/1995presenter
PEBBLE MILLBBC1 tx 1/11/1995interviewee
THE GREAT BONGChannel 4 tx 27/8-31/12/1995 (20 eps)Voice
OMNIBUS: SpikeBBC1 tx 15/4/1996interviewee
SONGS OF PRAISE: HolmfirthBBC1 tx 12/1/1997interviewee
Film credits
THE LAUGHING LADY1946cast member
LONDON ENTERTAINS1951cast member
DOWN AMONG THE Z MEN1952Professor Pureheart
FORCES' SWEETHEART1953F/Lt. John Robinson
LOONIZOO1953script / cast member
RAISING A RIOT1955museum official
FUN AT THE MOVIES1956script / cast member
CLIMB UP THE WALL1960guest star
WE JOINED THE NAVY1962psychologist
IS THIS YOUR LIFE1965cast member
THE SANDWICH MAN1966original story; screenplay / Horace Quilby, the sandwich man; Indian jazz club owner (uncredited)
WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE1969cast member
BACHELOR OF ARTS1969screenplay / cast member
THE GENTLEMAN FACTORY1981on-screen participant
Video releases
BEAT CORONARY HEART DISEASE: Your Heart and You1985presenter