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Pickwick Papers, The (1913)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

The Adventure of the Honourable Event

Mr Pickwick, armed with his notebook, hails a cab to his club, and en route proceeds to quiz the cab driver about the welfare of his horse, taking down the answers in the notebook. On arriving at their destination, the suspicious cab driver refuses the fare Pickwick has proffered and instead picks a fight with Pickwick and his group of friends. During the fight, a tall, thin young man by the name of Jingle emerges and placates the cabbie; Pickwick then invites him to dine with them that evening.

Jingle joins the group and they ride together to the Bull Inn at Rochester. As a result of too much wine with dinner, Pickwick, along with his friends Mr Snodgrass and Mr Winkle, fall asleep. Mr Jingle and Mr Tupman decide to go to a charity ball being held in the inn the same evening. Upon learning that Jingle hasn't brought the correct suit with him, Tupman sneaks into the sleeping Winkle's room and borrows his jacket.

At the end of the evening, Jingle, dressed in Winkle's suit, escorts Mrs Budger to her carriage, much to the envy of Dr Slammer, another guest at the ball. Tupman then sneaks the outfit back into his friend Winkle's bedroom. The next morning Winkle is woken early with the news that a Dr Slammer has requested a duel after the previous night's insult. Winkle assumes he made the insult in his drunken state and accepts the duel.

Mr Winkle, with Mr Snodgrass as his second, turns up at the appointed hour. Dr Slammer is just about to take aim when he realises that Winkle is not the man who insulted him the night before and calls off the duel. The two become friends and Winkle invites him back to the inn to meet Pickwick and the rest of his party. Dr Slammer immediately recognises Jingle as the tall, thin gentleman who offended him, and once again demands satisfaction by duel. Mr Pickwick, who refuses to accept that Jingle is to blame, sends Dr Slammer on his way.