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Energy (c. 1934)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

The Cory Brothers company, dedicated to supplying 'Corys Merthyr Steam Coal' and 'Cory's Motor Spirit' (i.e. petrol) across the globe, is evidently mindful of the health and safety of its miners at home, stating its belief that enterprise and courage has made modern coal getting a comparatively safe industry.

The getting and processing of the coal is shown, with due attention given to the safety measures and housing that the company provides for the miners. The miners receive their lamps and descend into the pit, operating the electric coal cutter, hewing and propping, loading coal onto trams, hitching up a pony to a tram, sending the trams up to the surface, pushing the trams into the mechanical tipper, picking out 'impurities' on the conveyor belt, walking home up a street of terraced houses. There is also footage of a man testing the roof, and testing for gas, in part of the mine before a shift; an aerial ropeway transporting slag to the heaps; the Cory's electric generating station in Ogmore Vale; Cory collieries - Tydraw, Wyndham, Gelli, Penrikyber; Cory railway wagons full of coal, and individual shots of the Cory oil depots and refineries worldwide. Tankers are filled with 'Corys Motor Spirit', and motorists call in at a filling station for the necessary 'spirit'. The film closes with a still photograph of a well-moustached 'Sir Clifford Cory: Bart, D.L., J.P. Commander of the Order of Leopold II, Chairman of Cory Brothers & Co., Limited, of Cardiff & London'.