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We Did it Together (2003)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Lynn's Story: Lynn reads a poem about being a single mother. She explains how she fell pregnant while still at school, and how difficult she found it when, in hospital having her daughter Jade, the other fathers visited the maternity ward, but Jade's did not. Lynn decorates her bedroom, explaining how she has had to leave her room until last, how she always has to put herself last. Lynn and Jade sit on the sofa, and Lynn explains why she continued with the pregnancy rather than have an abortion.

Emma's story: Emma explains how she became pregnant at 14 when the condom she and her boyfriend were using split. She describes her mother's adverse reaction to news of the pregnancy. She describes meeting her current partner when she was 16, her second pregnancy at 18, and the premature birth of her second daughter. Emma and her younger daughter visit the health clinic. Emma recounts the emotional stress of having a premature baby. Sitting in the lounge, she and her partner explain that their daughter has a slight case of cerebral palsy. Emma describes her difficult experiences with the social security system. Emma and her younger daughter visit a second-hand clothes shop, as the family cannot afford new clothes. Emma talks of the isolation she feels, only able to go out with her friends on rare occasions. Emma and her friends joke and play pool in the pub. Back home, Emma comments on the inadequate sex education in school, but says she is pleased she had her children when she was young.

Esme's story: Esme explains how she fell pregnant at 17 while she was on the pill, and how her boyfriend was initially supportive. She explains how the relationship with her partner deteriorated during her second pregnancy. Esme takes her two children out in a pushchair. She recalls how she became depressed and how her friends all drifted away because she could not go out. Pushing the children to the shops, she explains that she had to accept the council's offer of housing, even though she dislikes the area and feels unsafe. While she shops with the children, she explains how her first pregnancy meant she had to cancel her plans to go to college. She describes the joys of being a mother, although she wishes she had had her children later in life.

Amy and Barry's story: Amy sits on the sofa, feeding her young son, Ryan. She remembers her mother's death when she was young. Amy visits her mother's grave with Ryan in a pushchair. Back in the lounge, she explains that she became depressed following her mother's death, and attempted suicide on three occasions. She explains how she became pregnant after her GCSE exams and couldn't go on to college. In the lounge, Barry prepares Ryan for his bath. He explains that he wanted children, but that Ryan was not planned. He and Amy didn't use contraception because, as he explains, he doesn't like using condoms. Amy explains how difficult her pregnancy was. Barry describes the sacrifices you have to make as a young parent. Sitting on the sofa with their son, Amy and Barry discuss the strains having a baby has place on their relationship. Amy and Barry bathe a reluctant Ryan in the kitchen sink. Barry recalls how difficult he found the sleepless nights with a new-born baby while working full-time. Amy admits envying her friends' freedoms, but says she loves being a mother. Amy and Ryan play and laugh on the lounge carpet. Barry says he would not recommend early fatherhood to his friends. Amy expresses her hopes for the future, including taking Ryan to Disneyland. A montage of photographs of all the participants with their children.