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Topical Budget 645-1: Another Great Ambassador - Wireless! (1924)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

"The eve of the new year, was the eve of a new era when millions in Britain 'listened in' to America". Shot of aerial mast and rooftops. "In this little hut at Biggin Hill was first heard the voice of a man speaking at Pittsburgh U.S.A.". View of hut, taken at night. "Capt West of the B.B.C. who first heard the voice from America - a voice which proclaims the beginning of a new bond between the two English speaking nations". Close- up of Captain West wearing earphones. "The nine-valve set which picked up America on a 100 metre wave length". Shot of two men wearing ear-phones standing beside the set. "Here they are! America talking". The men listen with their ear-phones, one removing his set to use a telephone. "Switching through the voice of America to Broadcasting Station". Man turns down a switch on bench. "From Biggin Hill runs a connecting line to the broadcaster". Shot of telegraph pole. "The broadcaster". Man speaking into microphone. "'Hello! Uncle Carectatus! Can you put me onto Mars?'" Boy seen tuning in a crystal set. "And all over the country, people 'listened in' to 'Big Ben'". People shown wearing ear-phones, facing a large photograph of the face of Big Ben. "A happy new year to you all" [message scrawled across the film].

Note: 'Uncle Carectatus' (presumably man speaking into microphone) is BBC broadcaster and future film director Cecil Lewis.