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Topical Budget 948-2: Royal Lovers (1929)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

"The Crown Prince of Italy arrives in Brussels for ceremony of betrothal to Princess Marie José of Belgium". Medium close shot of Prince Umberto and Princess Marie José in gardens. "At the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior. It was here that an Italian anti-Fascist made the dastardly attempt to assassinate the Prince". Medium long shot from beside the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior showing commotion at the top of a flight of steps, with a small crowd at the scene of the attempted assassination, newsreel cameramen and photographers running into position, and to the right Prince Umberto (in uniform) at the top of the steps, having just got out of his car. Medium shot looking down at the scene from opposite side, with a crowd of policeman, civilians and press at the top of the steps, and an overturned motorcycle in the street. Return to lower level shot as Prince and other dignitaries (including King Albert I of Belgium) come down steps and lay a large wreath at the base of the tomb, while the commotion continues in the background. Return to medium shot looking down at group of policemen slowly moving away from the steps, keeping back the public, and restraining the would-be assassin, who can just be seen. Close-up of prince at ceremony. Large crowd gathered at the scene. Long shot of prince at base of tomb. Long shot of prince being cheered by crowds as he approaches his car. Prince and princess in carriage passing down the street. Carriage coming through an archway; the prince and princess get out and go indoors. Cheering crowds in square. Medium long shot of royal party on a covered balcony. Crowd all wave flags.

Note: The assassination attempt took place shortly after the betrothal ceremony. The Crown Prince was unhurt.