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Topical Budget 942-1: Britain's Schneider Trophy Triumph (1929)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

"All records shattered by our representatives in 218 miles race over the Solent, won by Flying Officer Waghorn at 328.63 m.p.h." Medium shot of five men in R.A.F uniform. "Final instructions from Squadron Leader Orlebar, the British Captain". [SECTION MISSING]. "The Prince of Wales and the Premier, early on the scene". Edward, the Prince of Wales talking to a group of men on jetty. Ramsay MacDonald listening to RAF officer talking. "The first machine to start - the British Supermarine Rolls Royce S.6 - Piloted to victory by Flying Officer Waghorn". Seaplane number 2 goes down a short slipway into the sea and starts take-off. Panning long shot from different angle of take-off [with jump-cut?]. Plane in flight. 180 degree rapid pan. Long shot looking down on large crowds on seafront. Closer shot. Long shot of crowds from different angle. "Next to start was Warrant Officer Dal Molin (Italy)". Close-up of Molin. Seaplane numbered 4 on water. Various shots as it takes off, crowd watching and plane in flight. Close shot of Italian team on ground watching plane's progress. "To be passed in mid-air by Flying Officer Waghorn travelling at the terrific speed of 331m.p.h". Two planes turn corner in flight. Single plane (numbered 5) passes camera. "Then came Fl. Lt. D'Arcy Grieg - the British 'safety man'". Close-up of D'Arcy Grieg. "Followed by Lt. Cadringher (Italy), who, overcome by exhaust fumes, was forced down on his second lap". Close-up of Cadringher. "Flying Officer Atcherley, last of the British pilots to go up". Small boat in foreground, three-funnelled liner in background. Close-up of Atcherley on the small boat. Seaplane numbered 8 takes off. In flight with panning shot. Plane in flight passes by high up camera to close shot. Close shot of the three naval officers monitoring flight. Plane flies overhead. One of the three men makes a note and taps out a morse code message. Plane passes overhead. "Lt Monti (Italy), badly burned by boiling oil from a burst feed pipe, before making a forced landing after completing one lap". Monti, with bandaged arms, gets off boat and is greeted by team members and a woman. Group shot of them walking towards the camera. "Meanwhile, Flying Officer Atcherley, banking in a terrifying manner, attained the amazing speed of 332.49 m.p.h". Two panning shots of the plane in flight. Large scoreboard with times and lap speeds. "And now - Hats off to our magnificently sporting opponents - ". Two naval flags are run up. " - To our own wonderful pilots". Close shot of Atcherley, Waghorn and D'Arcy Grieg. " - and to THE WINNER!". Close-up of Waghorn. Two Union Jacks are run up.

Note: Contest took place on 7th September 1929.