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Topical Budget 767-1: The Great Strike (1926)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

"Miners leave the pits and Greatest Industrial Upheaval begins". Groups of miners walking away from pit head up slope towards camera, smiling as they pass. "Scenes in Downing St.". Medium long shot, looking towards Whitehall, of large group of men being moved away from Downing Street by policemen. Close shot of Winston Churchill and an unidentifiable man standing outside 10 Downing Street. "Mr Arthur Henderson". Close shot of Henderson. "Mr Ramsay MacDonald". [section missing]. "'A State of Emergency'. Volunteers for National Service crowd Whitehall". Long queue of men entering wooden building in Whitehall area. Closer shot of a group of them smiling for the camera. One man in top hat. "Hyde Park - becomes the Milk Depot of the Metropolis". Medium long shot of fleet of vans lined up at Marble Arch. Medium shot of van (elsewhere) with sign 'Food Only' at head of a long line of such vehicles curving into the distance. Volunteers signing up at desk in open air. "Mr A J Cook (Miners' Secretary)". Close up of Cook. "Mr Ernest Bevin ('Dockers' K.C.')" Close-up of Bevin stood outside Houses of Parliament. "Mr JH Thomas" [section missing]. "How London went to work". People on foot and on bicycles criss-crossing London street (The Strand?). Some motor vehicles in background. Pan. "London Bridge". View from South Bank side of large number of people crossing London Bridge both ways on foot, bicycle, motor cycle, motor car and bus. Closer shot of previous street scene with policeman directing traffic. Cyclists crossing London Bridge. Pan. "To Feed the People. Sir W. Mitchell-Thomson, Postmaster-General, becomes Chief Civil Commissioner". Close-up of Mitchell-Thomson. "The Prime-Minister's Message - 'Steady!'" Close-up indoors of Stanley Baldwin at a desk writing and smoking a pipe.