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Topical Budget 696-2: Topical's Review of 1924 (1924)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

"A pageant of historic events filmed by our cameramen the world over. January: Mr MacDonald first Labour premier". Close-up of Ramsay MacDonald. Smokes a cigarette. "March: Prince's terrible fall". Horse jumping a ditch and a rider falling [presumably the Prince of Wales] . "April: King opens Wembley". King George V and Queen Mary in an open carriage driving around the arena at the British Empire Exhibition. "April: largest floating dock launched". The launching. "May: R.A.F. pilot dives into sea for experiment". Shot of Flight-Lieutenant Rea's dive. "May: King and Queen of Rumania in London". Driving in an open carriage. "May: King and Queen of Italy also visit London". Similar shot. "June: The Derby - 'Sansovino' wins". Finish of the race and the crowd. "June: Trooping the Colour". Various shots of the ceremony from ground level and above. "June: the aerial pageant". Aeroplanes flying in formation and looping the loop (aerial shot). "July: review of the fleet". Still of King George V. View down on battleship and ships firing at sea. "August: Cowes week". Yachts in full sail. Shot on board a yacht. "August: Women's Olympiad at Stamford Bridge". A hurdle race. "October: 'Joey' - escapades of escaped monkey amuse thousands". A monkey running along some rooftops. "November: Mr Baldwin premier". Close-up of Stanley Baldwin speaking to camera with hands in lapels on his jacket. "December: Queen Alexandra's 80th birthday". Queen Alexandra in an open carriage.

Note: All of the items follow directly on from a still of that action with superimposed titles (except July).