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Topical Budget 523-2: Farcical 'Revolution' which may be Serious if it Spreads (1921)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

"Poplar's Labour Council prefer Gaol, to levying rates to pay L.C.C. for Services Rendered. 'Queue up for Black Maria!'". Group of Council members posed for camera. "Mr Geo Lansbury, Poplar's Benevolent 'Bolshie' Boss". Close shot of George Lansbury. "Alderman John and Mrs Councillor Scurr hope to enjoy their rest cure". Close shot of John and Julia Scurr seated on garden chairs. "Mrs Alderman 'Minnie' Lansbury gathers a nosegay for Holloway". Minnie Lansbury (George Lansbury's daughter-in-law) picking flowers. "Mr and Mrs Councillor Cressall and a few of the 'little things' they have to leave behind them". The Cressalls with their children. Close-up of the parents. "Do [underlined] go down to Brixton Daddy!" Councillor Rugless has taken the advice of his 7 weeks old 'Red'". Rugless family group, including baby. Close-up of Rugless with baby. "Alderman 'Sam' March J.P. Mayor of Poplar. Off to the Brixton Beano!". Sam March with group of men. He waves to them, them walks towards the camera.

Note: This item covers the Labour councillors of Poplar's refusal to levy rates to meet the demands of the L.C.C. and Metropolitan Asylums Board, and the subsequent arrest of some of them.