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Topical Budget 231-1: In the Interests of Mercy (1916)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

[Title] "IN THE INTERESTS OF MERCY. Red Cross Week at Croydon is inaugurated with a procession through the streets, includes various tableaux & a German gun captured at Loos by the Territorials."

Long shot of crowds watching procession pass, with horses pulling a cart with two soldiers sitting either side of a large gun, followed by two soldiers on bicycles. Two policemen flank the gun cart. More soldiers march past and women in uniform hand leaflets into the crowd. Two more horses pull a float decorated with red cross flags. Riding on the float are women dressed as nurses tending men dressed as wounded soldiers. Medium long shot of soldiers riding the horses pulling the gun cart and the policemen bringing up the rear. Two soldiers sit either side of the gun. The cart is stationary. A policeman walks towards it.

Medium long shot of a stationary float with union jacks waving in the breeze. Riding on the float, with the bowler-hatted driver, are young girls dressed as different countries. One has a sash bearing the word "Belgium", another is dressed as Britannia, and another wears a traditional Welsh bonnet. The float stands in front of a parade of shops. Behind it is a car full of soldiers parked in front of W.M. Robinson, Wine Merchant. There are hanging signs for Nestor cigarettes and Turkish cigarettes.

Medium shot of two bowler-hatted men wearing medals stand talking behind a sign saying "35. M.M. GERMAN FIELD GUN. CAPTURED AT LOOS. BY 20TH (COUNTY OF LONDON) BATTN THE LONDON REGIMENT. (BLACKHEATH. &. WOOLWICH) 47TH (2ND LONDON) DIVISION TERRITORIAL FORCE ON SEPT 25TH 1915". Crowds mill behind them.

Medium shot of three women in fancy dress standing in a row in front of a crowd, wearing rosettes saying 1, 2, 3. 1st prize winner is wearing a kilt, tartan hat and sash. 2nd prize wears a white robe, a union jack draped over her shoulder and flowers in her hair. 3rd prize wears a dark cape and headscarf. They all smile slightly.