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Topical Budget 217-2: For the Wounded (1915)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

"FOR THE WOUNDED. Prominent members of society sell 'Our Day' badges in aid of wounded heroes. The fund has the direct appeal for support from their Majesties Queen Mary and Queen Alexandra".

Medium long shot on steps of building, female charity worker pins flag on man's jacket. He has a large moustache, holds a lit cigarette, and is wearing a fez, and embroidered pantaloons and jacket. She wears a nurse's headdress. In the background soldiers and civilians stand and watch, smiling. Medium long shot of street scene. Three women wearing fur stoles, winter coats and hats put money in collection box of soldier (with his back to camera) who pins flags on their coats. Foreground, small girl wearing bonnet with back to camera. Background, people and cars pass. Medium long shot of two female charity workers, with trays of flags hanging round their necks, pin flags on two black soldiers wearing greatcoats and caps. Background, crowds mill. Medium close-ups, one of the women and one of the soldiers from previous scene. She pins flag on his coat and both grin. Background, crowds smile. Medium shot of two female charity workers flanking soldier from earlier street scene. All have trays of flags. One of the women has Union Jack hanging from her tray. The other carries a collection box in the shape of a lifeboat and her tray bears the legend: British Red Cross Society, Order of St John of Jerusalem, Remember Our Wounded at the Front, Thursday October 21st 1915 "OUR DAY". The man has medals pinned to his cap. Background crowds mill. Two further female charity workers flank a sailor and both pin flags on him. They all smile. Background, people walk past.