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Mining Review 4/6: Mass Consultation (1951)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

The commentary doubles as a synopsis, and has therefore been reproduced in full:

Tuberculosis can be checked if we all co-operate. Down at the Chapel Hall, an X-ray team is ready to X-ray everyone. Please go this week and tell your friends!

Down in the Little Rhondda valley in South Wales, two medical teams are taking X-ray photographs of everyone who will come - and practically everyone does - in the first large-scale experiment of its kind. Everybody in this mining community is being asked to help.

One team at the pit head X-rays miners as they come off shift. Each man's health record is checked, and weight and height taken, before the X-ray. The X-ray will show if the chest has been affected by dust, by TB, or both. For the first time in medical history, a whole community is co-operating with doctors and scientists.

The second medical team X-rays the rest of the people. The vicar, an ex-miner himself, encourages his parishioners to help the scheme. Door to door canvassers gather in the last few.

The second team can X-ray several hundred people in a few days on small-size films. Each film is examined by at least three doctors, so there is little chance of any affected chest being passed over. Miners' chests are examined on large-size films that will show clearly any trace of dust in the lungs, for TB can combine with dust to produce a more serious condition. The doctors want to treat the TB in its early stages, and the men and women of Little Rhondda have made a magnificent start in this mass X-ray experiment.

This simple skin test for their children will help to show how effective their plan can be in safeguarding the whole community.