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Glasgow and the Clyde Coast (1909)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

"Municipal buildings, Glasgow". Pan down facade of City Chambers in George Square. Shots across square towards City Chambers as pedestrians stroll around. "Sauchiehall Street". Tracking shot from tram travelling east along Sauchiehall Street from Rose Street. Exterior of La Scala Cinema [opened October 1912]. Street scenes, trams, horses and carts, Model T Ford car and pedestrians, Empire Theatre in background. "Jamaica Bridge". Shot north across River Clyde to traffic on bridge, railway bridge in background. Tradesman's horse and cart, with returning holidaymakers' hampers, passes in foreground. Caledonia steamer leaving Gourock pier. Shots on deck of steamer packed with passengers. "A Clyde playground". "Dunoon". Families on beach."Wemyss Bay". "The prettiest station in Britain". Passengers walking through station concourse. "Braw braw lads". "Territorials Band on pier". Pipe band marches along pier with steamer alongside. "Rothesay". Long shot from vessel across to Rothesay and tracking shot along profile of paddle steamer "Juno" tied up at pier. Shots of pier buildings and passengers. "Holiday-makers on Rothesay pier". Shots of pier thronged with people. "Pierrots". Shot of bandstand. Spectators watch pierrots perform. "The Esplanade". Group of scruffy lads. Pan across to plane on esplanade. "Revels on the sand". "Ettrick Bay". Beach and children riding donkeys, beach photographer in background. "Glasgow (Central Station)". Pan across concourse as passengers walk through. "Yachting on the Clyde Coast". Steam yachts of all shapes and sizes, including the "Iolaire" [large white vessel with bunting] and "Gail" [smaller vessel with black funnel]. The small yachts with the distinctively shaped sails were known as "zulus". Shots of people milling around. "A place in the sun". "Millport". people on beach. Three girls on rock.