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Topical Budget 609-2: The Royal Wedding (1923)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Title: "H.R.H. THE DUKE OF YORK, the King's Second Son; MARRIED AT WESTMINSTER ABBEY TO LADY ELIZABETH BOWES-LYON, Youngest Daughter of the Earl of Strathmore".

"The Duke leaves the Palace". Coach and cavalry entourage leaving entrance to Buckingham Palace.

"Lady Elizabeth leaves her modest home in Bruton St. to become the fourth lady in the land". Lady Elizabeth, in wedding dress, steps out of house and into waiting carriage.

"Arrivals at the Abbey". Shot, taken from high up, of carriages arriving outside Westminster Abbey, with cheering crowds.

"In The Abbey". Still photograph of the couple at the altar - camera pans downwards, then left.

"Married". MS Bridal coach leaving the Abbey entrance. MCS of coach as it passes by camera, including brief close shot of the couple inside. LS from high position as coach slowly leaves the Abbey area, with cheering crowds.

"The return to the Palace". Two shots from high position of the coach on its journey, being cheered by crowds.

"Across the Horse Guards'". Another shot from a high position of procession passing down Horse Guards' Parade. Closer shot of this. Another such shot of the coach with King George V and Queen Mary passing by.

"St James' St.". View down at procession coming down St James' St, with cheering crowds on either side.

"Piccadilly". HA view down as coach comes down Piccadilly, crowds cheering from the windows and either side of the street. Closer shot of coach at Hyde Park Corner, with people behind the main body of the crowd running ahead to get a second look. MS at ground level as the bridal coach passes through the gates of Buckingham Palace. MLS the couple with King George V, Queen Mary and Queen Alexandra on the palace balcony. HA panning shot of the vast crowd outside the palace. Much closer shot of the couple, with Queen Mary, on the balcony.

"Thanking their multitude of friends". Shot from same position of the couple looking out from the palace balcony.

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