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Topical Budget 661-1: King Opens Empire Exhibition (1924)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

"Pictures Exclusive to Topical Budget. A panorama resenting some of Wembley's Wonders". Iris out to long shot of buildings at the British Empire Exhibition, Wembley. Panning shot to the left. "Burma". Iris out to shot of Burma Pavilion. Iris in. "Canada. (from the Lake)". Iris out to Canadian Pavilion. Iris in. "India. (from the Lake)". Iris out to long shot of Indian Pavilion seen across lake. Iris in. Arrival of Royal carriage down road lined on one side by crowds. "As the King declared the Exhibition open all the flags are broken at the mast". Long shot of the choirs on one side of Wembley Stadium. General view of the stadium with bands marching up and down. View from the crowd as the Royal procession arrives in the stadium (partially obscured by heads). "The Massed Choirs". Return to shot of choirs, now waving and cheering. Close shot of royal procession with King George V and Queen Mary in an open carriage. Pass by with panning shot.

"Garlands of Welcome at the Indian Pavilion". Long shot of King and Queen and members of their party receiving garlands outside the Indian Pavilion. They walk towards the camera. "At Queen Victoria's memorial". Closer shot of royal party and officials beside memorial. "From India to Burma by Railodok Car". View through crowds of royal party travelling in long carriage with driver. "At Burma: - Umbrellas of State". View from top to bottom of Burma Pavilion. Medium long shot of royal party coming out of the pavilion shaded by large parasols. Close shot of King with officials passing over bridge. Close shot of Queen Mary pasing by. "Their Majesties had to make their way through dense throngs". Panning shot of royal party having their way cleared through large crowd by police. "Crossing Old London Bridge". Panning long shot of bridge as royal party (not visible) cross it. "Leaving H.M. Government Buildings after Lunch". Long shot of royal party coming down steps, cheered by crowd in foreground. "At Newfoundland". They walk along a line of planks across some grass outside the building. "At Fiji". Leaving the outside the building.

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