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Topical Budget 584-1: The New Government (1922)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

"A film which marks an epoch in cinematography. Mr Bonar Law grants 'Topical' the high honour of presenting the first and only film ever taken of a British Prime Minister and his Cabinet within the historic and sacred walls of No. 10 Downing Street. Mr Bonar Law and ministers entering the glorious old room at No. 10 which is dominated by a gigantic portrait of Prime Minister Pitt". Medium shot from head of long table as Law leads ten ministers in, and they take their places at the table. "Mr Bonar Law reads an announcement to his cabinet". Close shot of Law reading the announcement with Salibury and Baldwin either side of him. "From left to right: Sir Philip Lloyd-Graeme - Board of Trade; Marquis of Salisbury - Lord President of the Council; the Prime Minister; Mr Stanley Baldwin Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr Amery - First Lord of the Admiralty". Medium shot across the table of the group of minsters. "The Duke of Devonshire (Colonies) discusses a point with Viscount Peel (India). Close shot of the two ministers at the table, posing stiffly for the camera. "Sir Philip Lloyd-Graeme makes a point with Mr Amery and Viscount Peel". Close shot of Lloyd-Graeme talking with the two ministers [the seating arrangements have now changed]. "On Mr Bonar Law's left, Viscount Curzon - Secretary for Foreign Affairs; Mr Stanley Baldwin; and Viscount Cave - Lord Chancellor". Slight pan shot of Law talking to these ministers. "A fine study of the quiet and yet steadfast dignity of the new Prime Minister". Close-up of Bonar Law at the table. He smiles.

Note: This is the Cabinet formed by Bonar Law immediately after Lloyd George's resignation and before the election on November 15th. The film was taken on November 1st.

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