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Topical Budget 609-2: The Cup Final 1923 (1923)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

"Exclusive - The Overflowing 'Cup'. This film alone can make clear the unparalleled scenes witnessed by the King - when Bolton Wanderers defeated West Ham United - by 2-0. Wembley Stadium which holds 126,000 was stormed by a quarter of a million people. Only the magnificent restraint and good humour of the mingled masses of Northerners and Londoners saved an appalling disaster". Section inside crowded stadium, with people scaling a wall to get into a stand, helped up by those already there. "The Stadium was packed 2 hours before the game began". One end of the crowded stadium with people sitting on the edge of the ground. "The First Rush". Panning shot looking down as people move onto the edges of the pitch. Crowd moving onto centre of the pitch. "A Human Carpet". View down at the whole of the pitch and stadium filled with people. "The King invites the crowd under the Royal Arch". Close shot of King George V looking down on the scene. "A shout of loyal response - but the pressure was too great". People in the crowd waving their hats. "How the players took the field". Close shot over people's heads of the Bolton Wanderers players making their way through the crowd. "At last, mounted men galloped on to the ground". Two medium close shots of mounted police, including the policeman on a white horse (PC George Scorey), keeping the crowd back. "The 'Mounties' amid the players". Close shot of the captains shaking hands and the toss as two policemen gallop past. Long shot view of the toss from high behind the West Ham United goal. "The 'Human Touch' - Line!". Long shot of match in progress from high position behind the West Ham goal, with crowds seated all around the edge of the pitch. "Bolton's Goalie's Wonderful Save". Medium shot from above and behind goal as the keeper saves and clears. View from left-hand side behind West Ham goal. "Jack scores for Bolton 3 minutes after the start". View from same angle showing Bolton attack and Jack scoring. Medium shot looking down from directly behind Bolton goal as a shot at goal is cleared. Panning long shot from behind Bolton goal of play in progress. Closer shot of action behind Bolton goal. Long shot of action in Bolton goalmouth seen from other end of the stadium. "J.R. Smith scores the second goal for Bolton". Medium shot from behind West Ham goal immediately after Smith had scored. "Spectators too tired to stand". Medium long shot of members of the crowd lying down in a space between the stand and the people standing on the edge of the pitch behind the West Ham goal. "The rush to the Royal Stand". High angle view of crowds rushing all over the pitch. "The King presents the Cup". Close shot of the King shaking hands with Joe Smith, the Bolton Wanderers captain, and handing him the Cup. Some of the Bolton players receive their medals. Jump cut to the last of the West Ham players accepting his loser's medal. Shot of crowd all raising their hats.