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Two Little Waifs (1905)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

A little boy stands outside the gates of Woodland Cottage, his home. A gypsy caravan pulls up and a man alights, grabs the boy and makes off. The butler walks to the gates and finds the boy's hat. He calls the mother who becomes distressed and the father appears. The father and the butler go in search of the boy.

At the gypsy camp the boy is ill-treated by the gypsy. However, a little gypsy girl brings the boy food and consoles him. Later that night, the two children escape from the encampment. The two children walk along a country road and are given a ride on a cart. The man drops the children off near the little boy's house.

The boy runs into the house and leaves the girl outside the gate. The gardener passes and chases the girl away. She begins to cry. However the gypsy appears on the scene and takes the girl away. The father and little boy get into their carriage and drive off.

They go to a gypsy encampment and make enquires and are directed to a house. The father makes enquiries as to the whereabouts of the girl but the old lady who answers the door has no knowledge of the girl. The little boy however sees the girl waving from an upstairs window.

The gypsy sees the girl waving and scolds and beats her. The gypsy fights with his wife who is also in the room. They upset the stove and start a fire. Meanwhile the father, downstairs, bangs on the door and is let into the now smoke-filled house. He rushes into the room with the girl and rescues her bringing her safely down the burning stairs.

The girl recuperates in the garden with the little boy. The mother and father arrive and tell them that they are going to adopt the girl. The boy is delighted.