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Elusive Pimpernel, The (1950)
Sir Percy BlakeneyNIVEN, David
Lady Marguerite BlakeneyLEIGHTON, Margaret
Prince of WalesHAWKINS, Jack
ChauvelinCUSACK, Cyril
Sir Andrew ffoulkesCOOTE, Robert
Comtesse de TournaiMARCHAL, Arlette
Lord GrenvilleWONTNER, Arthur
Lord Anthony DewhurstHUTCHESON, David
Colonel WinterbothamVICTOR, Charles
Captain MerièresDECKERS, Eugene
Philippe de TournaiNERY, Gerard
Suzanne de TournaiGODET, Danielle
Armand St. JustAUDRAN, Edmond
Captain DurocOXLEY, David
BibotROLLETT, Raymond
JellybandSTAINTON, Philip
the abbotLONGDEN, John
TrubshawGRIFFITHS, Robert
BaronDe WARFAZ, George
Lady GrenvilleDAVIES, Jane Gil
Sir John CokeGEORGE, Richard
Lady CokeCOTTRELL, Cherry
Sir Michael TraversFITZGERALD, John
Hon. John BristowMACNEE, Patrick
Duke of DorsetALEXANDER, Terence
Earl of SligoDUGGAN, Tommy
Nigel SeymourFITCHEN, John
Major PrettyHEWITT, John
Mr FitzdrummondKELLY, Hugh
Beau PepysNAIRNE, Richmond
tailor (uncredited)COPLEY, Peter
Comte de Tournai (uncredited)VERNON, Howard
Chauvelin's servant (uncredited)GAWTHORNE, Peter
man in baths (uncredited)DUNCAN, Archie
man in baths (uncredited)LOMAS, James
(uncredited)NEWLAND, Sally
Produced, WrittenPOWELL, Michael,
and Directed byPRESSBURGER, Emeric
Production CompanyLondon Film Productions
 British Lion Film Corporation
 Archers Film Productions
Accountant (uncredited)CORBISHLEY, Philip
Assistant Director (2nd) (uncredited)KNOWLES, Archie
Assistant Director (3nd) (uncredited)TOMBLIN, David
French Unit Manager (uncredited)CHARLOT
Assistant ProducerBUSBY, George R.
Production Assistant (uncredited)ORME, Charles
Production Secretaries (uncredited)JENKS, Gwladys
 MEIN, Marjorie
Personal Assistant to Mr Powel PATON, Bill
Secretary to Mr Powell (uncredited)LESLIE, Irene
Floor Runner (uncredited)LAURENCE, Lee
UNESCO Film Fellowship StudentMULLER, N.H.R.
Assistant DirectorSTREETER, Sydney S.
Assistant Director (French) (uncredited)PANTALEON, Paul
ContinuityNORTH, Doreen
Assistant Continuity (uncredited)BUSBY, Joanna
From a romance byORCZY, Baroness
PhotographyCHALLIS, Christopher
Technicolor Colour DirectorKALMUS, Natalie
Technicolor Technician (uncredited)MINASSIAN, George
Technicolor Assistant (uncredited)BARTLETT, Dennis
Process ShotsDAY, W. Percy
Camera OperatorFRANCIS, Fred
Focus Puller (uncredited)LEE, Bill
Clapper Loader (uncredited)ANSTISS, Gerry
Camera Grips (uncredited)WEBB, Charles
Chief ElectricianWALL, Bill
Chief Electrician's Assistant (uncredited) COLLIER, D.
Stills (uncredited)CANTOURIS, Richard
EditorMILLS, Reginald
Assembly Cutter (uncredited)ACKLAND, Noreen
Assistant Editor (uncredited)ARMSTRONG, Derek
Assistant Editors (2nd) (uncredited)TAYLOR, Frankie
 ROWSON, Stephen
Production DesignerHECKROTH, Hein
Assistant DesignerBEDDOES, Ivor
Location Art DirectorBATO, Josef
Art DirectorLAWSON, Arthur
Assistant Art Director (uncredited)WEBB, Elven
Set DresserSLIMON, Scott
Chief Draughtsman (uncredited)FOWLER, Maurice
Draughtsman (uncredited)PETERS, John
Junior Draughtsman (uncredited)SLADEN, Patricia
Draughtsman Trainee (uncredited)ACKLAND-SNOW, Terry
Supervising Scenic ArtistROBINSON, W.S.
Production Buyer (uncredited)JAMES, Jimmy
Assistant Costume Designer (uncredited)SARRON, Bernard
Junior Costume Designer (uncredited)HECKROTH, Nandi
Dress Supervisor (uncredited)BAKER, Ivy
French Costumer (uncredited)DECRAIS, René
Wardrobe Master (uncredited)DALMAYNE, Jack
Wardrobe Mistress (uncredited)SMITH, Ethel
Make-upVINING, James
Studio Make-up Supervisor (uncredited)FLETCHER, Harold
Hair StylistCROSS, Betty
Music Composed, Arranged and Conducted byEASDALE, Brian
Music Assistant (uncredited)LEWIS, Fred
Played (uncredited) WithPhilharmonia Orchestra, The
Sound Mixer (uncredited)ADAMS, George
SoundPOULTON, Charles
 LAW, Red
Sound Camera Operator (uncredited)HESKETH, Bernard
Boom Operator (uncredited)BUTCHER, Peter
Boom Assistant (uncredited)COATES, Bryan
Boom Maintenance (uncredited)BOLLAND, Norman
 BARRETT, George
Nautical Technical Adviser (uncredited)MILLS, Lt Commander G.E.
Master of Horse (uncredited)PARRY JONES, A.G.
Publicity (uncredited)KNIGHT, Vivienne
Assistant Publicity (uncredited)BERKE, Franz
StudiosBritish National Studios
 London Film Studios Shepperton