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Scrooge (1951)
Ebenezer ScroogeSIM, Alastair
Mrs DilberHARRISON, Kathleen
Bob CratchitJOHNS, Mervyn
Mrs CratchitBADDELEY, Hermione
Jacob MarleyHORDERN, Michael
Scrooge as a young manCOLE, George
Peter CratchitCHARLESWORTH, John
the spirit of the presentDe WOLF, Francis
Alice, Scrooge's sweetheartANDERSON, Rona
Fan, Scrooge's sisterMARSH, Carol
Fred, Scrooge's nephewWORTH, Brian
Old JoeMALLESON, Miles
undertakerTHESIGER, Ernest
Tiny Tim CratchitDEARMAN, Glyn
the spirit of the pastDOLAN, Michael
Fred's wifeEDWARDES, Olga
Mr FezziwigHUGHES, Roddy
Mrs FezziwigJACQUES, Hattie
Miss FloraSUMMERFIELD, Eleanor
laundressHAMPTON, Louise
the spirit of the futureKONARSKI, C.
SnedrigMAKEHAM, Eliot
first business manBULL, Peter
second business manMUIR, Douglas
first collectorHOWLETT, Noel
second collectorJOHNSON, Fred
RosebedHEWITT, Henry
GroperDEMPSTER, Hugh
Alice's patientO'NEILL, Maire
Mr TupperPEARSON, Richard
young MarleyMACNEE, Patrick
Mr WilkinsMOLLISON, Clifford
Mr JorkinsWARNER, Jack
(uncredited)HANNAFORD, David
Directed byHURST, Brian Desmond
©/Production CompanyRenown Film Productions Ltd.
Produced byHURST, Brian Desmond
Associate Producer (uncredited)HAYNES, Stanley
Accountant (uncredited)EDMONDS, Larry
Production ManagerCOUZINS, Stanley
Production Secretary (uncredited)PRINCE, Doris
Floor Runner (uncredited)SAUNDERS, Jan
First Assistant Director (uncredited)O'DELL, Denis
Assistant Director (2nd) (uncredited)HARRIS, Tony
Assistant Director (3rd) (uncredited)BOOTH, Buddy
Continuity (uncredited)RYAN, Margaret
Casting DirectorSPECTOR, Maude
Adaptation and Screenplay byLANGLEY, Noel
Adapted from 'A Christmas Carol' byDICKENS, Charles
Director of PhotographyRICHARDS, Pennington
Camera OperatorCOONEY, C.C.
Focus Puller (uncredited)TURPIN, Gerry
Clapper Loader (uncredited)FRISWELL, Tom
Stills (uncredited)CANTOURIS, Richard
Film EditorDONNER, Clive
Assistant Editor (uncredited)BARKER, Anne
Assistant Editors (2nd) (uncredited)SQUIRES, Charlie
 HAWKES, Stanley
 JOHNS, Michael
Art DirectorBRINTON, Ralph
Set Dresser (uncredited)PEARSON, Freda
Draughtsmen (uncredited)HOPEWELL ASH, T.
Sketch Artist (uncredited)NEVILLE, Patricia
Property Buyer (uncredited)CHAPMAN, Chris
Mechanical Victorian Dolls Loaned bySTEINER, Mr M.
Mechanical Toys Loaned byBracher and Partner
Construction Manager (uncredited)SMITH, Wallis
Costume DesignerLEE, Doris
Costumes for Mr Sim/Mr Hordern designedDA PINNA, Constance
Assistant Costume Designer (uncredited)DALTON, Phyllis
Wardrobe Master (uncredited)WALSH, W.
Make-up ArtistCARTER, Eric
Assistant Make-up (uncredited)MANGANARO, Aldo
HairstylistLEE, Betty
Assistant Hairdresser (uncredited)ROBINSON, June
Musical Score byADDINSELL, Richard
Music (uncredited) Conducted byMATHIESON, Muir
Sound RecordistLINDOP, W.H.
Sound Camera Operator (uncredited)EARL, Charles
Boom Operator (uncredited)RYAN, Fred
Dubbing Editor (uncredited)TRUMM, Leonard
Publicity Director (uncredited)FINDLAY, Hugh
StudioNettlefold Studios (Walton-on-Thames)