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Dead of Night (1945)
Maxwell FrereREDGRAVE, Michael
Joan CortlandWITHERS, Googie
Walter CraigJOHNS, Mervyn
Sally O'HaraHOWES, Sally Ann
Mr. Rutherford, antique dealerPERCY, Esme
George ParrattRADFORD, Basil
Larry PotterWAYNE, Naunton
Sylvester KeePOWER, Hartley
Dr. Van StraatenVALK, Frederick
Eliot FoleyCULVER, Roland
Mrs. FoleyMERRALL, Mary
Hugh GraingerBAIRD, Anthony
Dr. AlburyWYNDHAM, Robert
Joyce GraingerKELLY, Judy
hearse driverMALLESON, Miles
Jimmy WatsonALLAN, Michael
Mrs. O'HaraLEAKE, Barbara
Peter CortlandMICHAEL, Ralph
Mary LeeBRYAN, Peggy
Maurice OlcottJEAYES, Allan
BeulahWELCH, Elisabeth
MitziKUN, Magda
Harry ParkerMARSH, Garry
Mrs. CraigGADD, Renee
[Fred the barman]JONES, Peter
Director [2/4]CAVALCANTI, Alberto
Director [3]HAMER, Robert
Director [5]CRICHTON, Charles
Director [1/6]DEARDEN, Basil
Production CompanyEaling Studios
ProducerBALCON, Michael
Associate ProducerCOLE, Sidney
Associate ProducerCROYDON, John
Production SupervisorMASON, Hal
Unit ManagerBRANTFORD, Ronald
ScreenplayBAINES, John
ScreenplayMacPHAIL, Angus
Original story [5]WELLS, H.G.
Original story [3/4]BAINES, John
Original story [1/6]BENSON, E.F.
Original story [2]MacPHAIL, Angus
Additional dialogueCLARKE, T.E.B.
Director of PhotographyPAVEY, Stan
Director of PhotographySLOCOMBE, Douglas
Camera OperatorPARKER, Jack
Camera OperatorJULIUS, Harold
MusicAURIC, Georges
Music Performed byLondon Philharmonic Orchestra
Music ConductorIRVING, Ernest
EditorHASSE, Charles
Art DirectorRELPH, Michael
Special EffectsRICHARDSON, Cliff
Special EffectsBANES, Lionel
DressesMOSCA, Bianca
DressesHORN, Marion
Sound SupervisorWILLIAMS, Eric
RecordingPAGE, Len
RecordingRUDOLPH, A.E.
Make-upSHENTON, Tom
[Continuity]SCHREYECK, Elaine
[Continuity]BARTLE, Gwen
[Dubbing Editor]HABBERFIELD, Mary
[Assistant Director]RUSSELL, Billy
[Assistant Director]DOUGLAS, Rowland
[Assistant Director (2nd)]HIPWELL, Norman
[Assistant Director (3rd)]HUDSON, Claude
[Assistant Director (3rd)]POTTER, P.
[Assistant Continuity]HAMILTON, M.
[Focus Puller]SHEPHERD, Michael
[Focus Puller]TURPIN, Gerry
[Clapper Loader]LEVY, Gerry
[Clapper Loader]WINBOLT, John
[Stills]GOUGH, Robert
[Assembly Cutter]ALLEN, Leslie
[Assistant Editor]HEATHCOTE, Daphne
[Assistant Editor (2nd)]THOMSON, F.
[Assistant Editor (2nd)]LEVERETT, E.
[Assistant Editor (2nd)]HOLT, Seth
[Draughtsman]ARMITAGE, Heather
[Draughtsman]WILLS, Len
[Assistant Art Director]MORAHAN, Jim
[Boom Operator]BOULATOFF, N.
[Boom Operator]OTTER, Tom
Song, 'The Hullalooba'MARLY, Anna
'The Hullalooba' played byFrank Weir and his Sextet