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Trottie True (1948)
Trottie TrueKENT, Jean
Lord Digby LandonDONALD, James
Maurice BeckenhamSINCLAIR, Hugh
Bouncie BarringtonMORRIS, Lana
Sid SkinnerCRAWFORD, Andrew
Joe JuggOWEN, Bill
Duke of WellwaterWILLIAMS, Harcourt
Monty, Marquis of MaidenheadMEDWIN, Michael
Daisy DelawareJACQUES, Hattie
Mrs TrueYOUNG, Joan
Angela Platt-BrownTHATCHER, Heather
duchessHINTON, Mary
George EdwardesDE WOLFE, Francis
Mr TrueSCOTT, Harold
Trottie, as a childLAY, Dylis
Duchess of Wellwater (uncredited)BROWNE, Irene
Gladys True (uncredited)JONES, Mary
Bertha True (uncredited)ANDERSON, Daphne
Clare (uncredited)LESLEY, Carole
'Bedford' stage manager (uncredited)KYDD, Sam
Hon Bongo Icklesham (uncredited)LEE, Christopher
Bert, stage hand at 'Gaiety' tWILSON, Ian
pianist at ball (uncredited)WARD, Michael
stage door johnnie (uncredited)MOORE, Roger
stage door johnnie (uncredited)CARGILL, Patrick
Perce True (uncredited)HALFPENNY, Tony
little girl with German band (uncredited)DUDLEY, Laurel
Martha (uncredited)FRANKLIN, Gretchen
Bill the postman (uncredited)CARMICHAEL, Ian
Andy Galloway (uncredited)NOBLE, Shaun
Claude (uncredited)CONYERS, D'Arcy
Mrs Bellaire (uncredited)GOSS, Helen
Honor Bellaire (uncredited)GRAY, Elspet
Ruby Rubarto (uncredited)BLAKE, Katharine
Lady Talman, 1st dowager (uncredited)BROOKES, Olwen
Hon Mrs Seaton, 2nd dowager (uncredited)ROGERS, Doris
Carter (uncredited)SHARP, Len
old Ellen (uncredited)HALLATT, May
old Vinegar (uncredited)HOLLOWAY, W.E.
Monty's chauffeur (uncredited)RAMART, Jusuf
Jupp (uncredited)HAMBLING, Arthur
groom (uncredited)HARTLEY, Norman
groom (uncredited)WOOD, Dennis
Bellairs's footman (uncredited)STEEL, Anthony
debutante daughter (uncredited)WILLS, Natasha
dependant relative (uncredited)WAGSTAFF, Elsie
Sid Skinner's girlfriend (uncredited)MADDOX, Diana
Bellairs' butler (uncredited)VERE, John
Countess of Burney (uncredited)HOLLAND, Anne
Earl of Burney (uncredited)STRANGE, Philip
newspaper editor (uncredited)DOUGLAS, Howard
Lord George Peasemarsh (uncredited)NEYLIN, James
Gaiety girl (uncredited)LEES, Tamara
Gaiety girl (uncredited)SMITH, Constance
Gaiety girl (uncredited)SULLIVAN, Margaret
Gaiety girl (uncredited)POTOCKA, Natalia
Mayfair girl (uncredited)BARDSLEY, June
Mayfair girl (uncredited)GURNHILL, Barbara
Mayfair girl (uncredited)STONE, Josephine
special girl (uncredited)ROSS, Beth
special girl (uncredited)FRANKAU, Joy
special girl (uncredited)INGRAM, Josephine
special girl (uncredited)CONWAY, Stella
special girl (uncredited)GALLOWAY, Pamela
special girl (uncredited)DEVERELL, Betty
escort (uncredited)BOSTON, John
escort (uncredited)DUNLOP, Peter
escort (uncredited)LESLIE, Edward
stage door johnnie (uncredited)TANCRED, Anthony
stage door johnnie (uncredited)FABIAN, John
special young man (uncredited)MORLEY, John
special young man (uncredited)GATES, Neville
special young man (uncredited)NORRIS, Peter
special young man (uncredited)JONES, Stephen
extra (uncredited)BROOK, Lyndon
extra (uncredited)STAINTON, Philip
extra (uncredited)PERRY, Charles
extra (uncredited)ADAM, Anthony
extra (uncredited)DENNIS, John
(uncredited)DEVIS, Pamela
DirectorHURST, Brian Desmond
Production CompanyTwo Cities Films
Executive ProducerST. JOHN, Earl
ProducerSTEWART, Hugh
Associate ProducerPITCHER, George
Production Executive (uncredited)SMITH, Herbert
Assistant Production Manager (uncredited)WARK, Victor
Unit Manager (uncredited)GREEN, Frank Sherwin
Producer's Personal Assistant (uncredited)ROGERS, Jean Scott
Assistant DirectorBOLTON, Peter
Assistant Director (1st) (uncredited)EVANS, Mark
Assistant Director (2nd) (uncredited)WILSDON, Guy
Assistant Director (3rd) (uncredited)O'DELL, Denis
Continuity (uncredited)EVERSON, Elizabeth
Casting Director (uncredited)SPECTOR, Maude
ScreenplayFREEMAN, C. Denis
From the novel byBRAHMS, Caryl
Director of PhotographyWAXMAN, Harry
Technicolor Colour ConsultantKALMUS, Natalie
Associate to Colour DirectorBRIDGE, Joan
Camera Operator (uncredited)HAYSOM, Harold
Technicolor Technician (uncredited)GRAY, Ken
Clapper Loader (uncredited)MORGAN, John
Chargehand Electrician (uncredited)McCLOUD, John
Stills (Location) (uncredited)LANGFORD-BROWN, Paul
Stills (Publicity) (uncredited)GRYSPEERDT, Norman
Stills (Studio) (uncredited)BELLINGHAM, Frank
EditorKEMPLEN, Ralph
Assistant Editor (1st) (uncredited)MURRAY, Patricia
Assistant Editor (2nd) (uncredited)HAMBLING, Gerry
Art DirectorBRINTON, Ralph
Assistant Art Director (uncredited)PIERCE, Betty
Set DresserBROWNING, Colleen
Draughtsmen (uncredited)HOLMES, Bill
Production Buyer (uncredited)HOGG, Leslie
Construction Manager (uncredited)TILLYER, Jim
Dress DesignerDAWSON, Beatrice
Wardrobe Supervisor (uncredited)HAYNES, Harry
Wardrobe Mistress (uncredited)JORDAN, A.
Makeup SupervisorSFORZINI, Tony
Make-up Assistants (uncredited)TURNER, Sid
 MORRIS, Stella
Hairdressing SupervisorWALKER, Vivienne
Assistant Hairdressers (uncredited)WOOD, Joyce
 WHITE, Joan
MusicFRANKEL, Benjamin
SongsGIBBONS, Carroll
Music played byRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra
Music DirectorMATHIESON, Muir
Sound RecordingCOOK, John
 DEW, Desmond
Sound Recordist (uncredited)BARCLAY, Derek
Boom Operator (uncredited)RYAN, Fred
Assistant Boom Operator (uncredited)WARD, Stan
Sound Maintenance (uncredited)YOUNG, W.
Asst Dubbing Mixer - foreign version (uncredited)DAVIES, Peter T.
Sound EditorMILLER, Harry
Publicity (uncredited)GREEN, Ken
 FIRTH, Anthony
StudioDenham Studios
The Kid from Camden Town (Carroll Gibbons)
Dreaming (Archibald Joyce)
When I Take My Morning Promenade (Mills/Scott)
White Wings (Banks Winter, Denis Freeman - adapted by Carroll Gibbons)
I Was a Good Little Girl ('Til I Met You) (Tate/Harris).
Excerpts from
You'll Be Happy Once Again, Never Mind
You Know What Sailors Are