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Face (1997)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Ray and his older partner Dave steal money and drugs from a flat by pretending that they are police on a raid. Afterwards, Ray visits his girlfriend Connie at a home she runs for teenagers. She invites him to attend a demonstration supporting the Kurds, but Ray refuses.

The following morning Ray and his slow-witted associate Stevie collect Dave from his house. As Dave prepares to leave, his daughter Sarah arrives home with her boyfriend Chris, who Dave clearly dislikes. On the way to pick up further associates, the gang drives past Connie and Alice, Ray's mother, on a demonstration. They collect Jason, the nephew of underworld boss Sonny, and Julian, an unstable criminal. The gang tools up in a warehouse for a planned payroll heist.

That evening the gang smashes through a depot wall with a truck-mounted battering ram. They take longer than expected, but manage to escape the police. The haul contains only £344,780 rather than the hoped-for £2 million, but Julian still demands £40,000 for expenses, pulling a gun when challenged. Ray then pulls a gun on Julian, who is beaten up. It is finally agreed that Julian will get £10,000 expenses plus his share.

Ray and Stevie hide their money with Bill and Linda, an elderly couple, before meeting Dave and Sonny at a pub. Jason suggests a job to Ray, but Ray attempts to dissuade him from a life of crime, explaining that he has spent five years in jail. Sarah drops by with Chris, upsetting Dave. Ray suggests to Stevie, who has been living with him, that he should move into his own flat now that he has money. When Ray, Stevie and Connie return to Ray's house, Connie, who knows nothing of the heist, tries to persuade Ray to go straight. They argue, but spend the night together.

Dave disturbs the couple when he arrives bleeding. He has been attacked and his money stolen. Ray and Stevie, along with Dave, head for Bill and Linda's to see if their share has also been taken. They are dead and the money gone. Suspecting Julian, they pay him a visit, but find his share also taken. Suspicion turns to Sonny. As they drive to Sonny's, they believe they are being followed, but the suspected car soon turns off. The gang arrive to find Jason dead, but are interrupted when they discover police have followed them after all. They make a run for it, with Dave and Julian exchanging gunfire with the police.

Ray proceeds to the demonstration to persuade his mother to lend him money and a car. He lets Connie know Bill and Linda are dead, and tells her he wants to make a new start. Ray asks Connie to meet him at a service station that night, so they can leave together.

When the gang regroups, Ray reveals that the pub barman told him that Dave gave Sonny and Jason a lift home on the night of the heist. Realising Dave is the thief, they beat him up. Dave explains that Sonny is dead and that he stole all the money himself because he is scared of Chris, who is a corrupt police officer. Dave hoped to pay Chris off with half a million pounds.

The gang arrives at Chris's flat, where they threaten him at gunpoint. Chris taunts the gang, telling them their money is hidden at the local police station. When Sarah appears from upstairs, unaware that Chris has been blackmailing her father, Dave becomes uncontrollable, strangling Chris to death. Julian and Stevie take Sarah to the car while Ray shoots Dave.

The remaining gang con their way into the police station, breaking open lockers until they find the cash. Julian pulls a gun with the intention of keeping all the loot, but the emergency alarm sounds. He shoots a policeman and wounds Stevie, before trying to shoot it out with the rest of the police. In the ensuing chaos Ray and Stevie escape, driving to the service station. They find Connie and all three drive away together.