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Lawrence of Arabia (1962)
FarrajRAY, Michel
DaudDIMECH, John
club secretaryGWILLIM, Jack
R.A.M.C. colonelMILLER, Hugh
Prince FeisalGUINNESS, Alec
Auda Abu TayiQUINN, Anthony
General AllenbyHAWKINS, Jack
Turkish BeyFERRER, Jose
Colonel Harry BrightonQUAYLE, Anthony
Mr DrydenRAINS, Claude
Jackson E. BentleyKENNEDY, Arthur
GasimJOHAR, I.S.
MajidRATIB, Gamil
General MurrayWOLFIT, Donald
Sherif Ali ibn el KharishSHARIF, Omar
T.E. LawrenceO'TOOLE, Peter
medical officerMARION-CRAWFORD, Howard
[2 British officers/Arab sheik]WARREN, Barry
[vicar at St Paul's]HOWLETT, Noel
[reporter at St Paul's]HEDLEY, Jack
[Corporal Hartley, map room]MACNAUGHTON, Ian
[MP, map room]BARRY, John
[captain, officer's club]BEEBY, Bruce
[staff-major, Murray's aide]KAVANAGH, Patrick
[Corporal Jenkins]ROSSINGTON, Norman
[Selim, Koran reciter]OSCAR, Henry
[elder Harith]RUDDOCK, John
[Auda's son]RASHID, Kamal
[voice of motorcyclist, Suez Canal]LEAN, David
[driver, Cairo]STEVENS, Roy
[sergeant, Cairo]BENNETT, Fred
[driver, Cairo]DUKELOW, Peter
[bartender, officer's club]SHAPS, Cyril
[officer, officer's club]MOYNIHAN, Daniel
[Turkish sergeant]SANCHO, Fernando
[artilery general, field briefing]MORTON, Clive
[infantry general, field briefing]ROBINSON, John
[cavalry general, field briefing]DIGNAM, Basil
[Talal]HABACHI, Mohammed
[Khitan of Aleppo]KAOIU, Cher
[Tracey, Allenby's ADC]FORTESCUE, Kenneth
[sheik, Arab Council]BURTON, Peter
[driver, end sequence]PRINGLE, Bryan
[Corporal William Potter, map room]FOWLER, Harry
[regimental sergeant major]SAUNDERS, Stuart
[.]BENNETT, John
[soldier with pipe, officer's club]BOLT, Robert
Directed byLEAN, David
Produced bySPIEGEL, Sam
Production CompanyHorizon Pictures (G.B.)
Music Composed byJARRE, Maurice
Screenplay byBOLT, Robert
Screenplay byWILSON, Michael
Assistant DirectorSTEVENS, Roy
EditorCOATES, Anne V.
Art DirectorSTOLL, John
Costume DesignerDALTON, Phyllis
OrchestrationsSCHURMANN, Gerard
Sound EditorRYDER, Winston
Sound RecordingCUNNINGHAM, Paddy
Director of PhotographyYOUNG, Freddie
2nd Unit DirectorSMAGGHE, Andre
2nd Unit DirectorHOWARD, Noel
2nd Unit PhotographyKELLY, Skeets
2nd Unit PhotographyROEG, Nicolas
2nd Unit PhotographyNEWBROOK, Peter
Production Designed byBOX, John
Camera OperatorDAY, Ernest
ContinuityCOLE, Barbara
[Production Assistant]MONLEY, Eva
[Art Director]ROGERS, Ben
[Moroccan Studios]Andromeda Studios (Ouarzazate, Morocco)
[Focus Puller (24.5.-31.8.62)]FOX, Mike
[Music] Played byLondon Philharmonic Orchestra
Production ManagerPALMER, John
Location ManagerTWIDDY, Douglas
Chief ElectricianDANSIE, Archie
Assistant Art DirectorROSSOTTI, Roy
Assistant Art DirectorRICHARDSON, George
Assistant Art DirectorMARSH, Terence
Assistant Art DirectorRIMMINGTON, Tony
[Music] ConductorBOULT, Adrian
Set DresserSIMONI, Dario
Construction ManagerDUKELOW, Peter
Construction AssistantBENNETT, Fred
Make-upPARKER, Charles
HairdresserSCOTT, A.G.
Special EffectsRICHARDSON, Cliff
Property MasterFOWLIE, Eddie
[Production Consultant]de TOTH, Andre
[Music Co-ordinator]STOLOFF, Morris W.
[Research]BUDBERG, Marie
Reconstructed and Restored byHARRIS, Robert A.
Casting DirectorSPECTOR, Maude
Restoration Produced byHARRIS, Robert A.
Restoration Produced byPAINTEN, Jim
[Restoration] AssistantSCHNEIDER, Jude
[Restoration] AssistantFIELD, Maggie
[Restoration] AssistantLAWSON, Joanne
[Restoration] Editorial ConsultantCOATES, Anne V.
[Restoration] Sound ConsultantANDERSON, Richard L.
[Restoration] Re-recording MixerLANDAKER, Gregg
[Restoration] Special Thanks toSCORSESE, Martin
[Restoration] Special Thanks toSPIELBERG, Steven
[Restoration] Special Thanks toDAVISON, Jon
[Restoration] Special Thanks toLEAN, David
[Aviation Stunts]CREWDSON, John
[Tests circa 1960 filmed at]MGM British Studios
[Foley Artist]MORTIMER, Beryl
Sound DubbingCOX, John
StudioShepperton Studios
[Production Assistant (25.4.-28.7.62)]PLASCHKES, Otto
[Production Executive (13.9-17.11.61)]PERCEVAL, Hugh
[London Unit Representative]THORNBURN, Lew
[Production Manager (3.9.-6.10.62)]DAVIDSON, R.L.M.
[Production Secretary]McCORRY. Grace
[Production Secretary]HIPWELL, Noreen
[Production Secretary (8.5.-2.10.61]MOON, Pat
[Production Secretary (2.1.-15.12.61)]WHITTY, Maureen
[Production Secretary (2.1.-15.12.61)]MOORE, Pamela
[Prodn Secretary (Morocco 18.5.-7.9.62)]BACK, Barbara
[Prodn Secretary (Morocco 9.7.-14.9.62)]APOTEKER, Nicole
[Production Representative]McCARGAR, Mildred
[Secretary to Mr Spiegel]MENZ, Jean
[Assistant Continuity (22.7.-6.10.61)]FULFORD, Josie
[2nd Unit Continuity (11.8.-24.8.62)]TURNER, Lee
[Assistant Director (1st)]STURGIS, Ted
[Assistant Director (2nd)]TRINGHAM, David
[Assistant Director (2nd)]COATES, Bryan
[Assistant Director (2nd)]STEVENSON, Michael
[Unit Office Runner (24.4.61-21.9.62)]BEALE, Peter
[Unit Office Runner (22.8.62-)]DUNKLEY, John
[Principal Military Adviser]PEROWNE, L.E.M.
[Military Adviser]HUTT, Colonel R.C.
[Liaison Officer]DALGLEISH, Wing Commander Jock
[Dove Pilot (6.1.60-12.2.61)]WILMOTT, Dan
[Dove Pilot (6.1.60-12.2.61)]WILMOTT, D.J.
[Dove Pilot (17.3.-23.6.61)]LAST, Geoffrey
[Transport Manager (8.5.-13.10.61)]MIDDLEMISS, Peter
[Austin Mechanic]HOLLIDAY, Bert
[Radio Technician (15.7.-29.9.61)]MILES, Christopher
[Quantity Surveyor (10.4-31.5.62)]LEWIS, Anthony
[Rolls Royce Mechanic]FORD, Richard
[Dialogue Coach]MILLER, Hugh
[Art Director (18.3.-20.7.62)]GRIMES, Stephen
[Art Director (12.1.-27.4.62)]MASTERS, Tony
[Assistant Art Director]SMITH, Wallis
[Assistant Art Director]BISHOP, Charles
[Draughtsman]STANNARD, Roy
[Draughtsman]LAMONT, Michael
[Draughtsman (3.2.-18.2.61)]TOMKINS, Alan
[Draughtsman (3.2.-18.2.61)]WALKER, Roy
[Sketch Artist]THOMPSON, Arthur
[Production Buyer]HIGGS, John
[Production Buyer]RODRIGO, Edward
[Art Dept Secretary (20.2.-7.4.61)]WORTH, Penny
[Art Dept Secretary (20.2.-7.4.61)]FREEMAN, Valerie
[Camera Operator (12.5.-28.7.62)]GEMMELL, Ginger
[Camera Operator (2.7.-31.8.62)]DAVIES, Ceri
[Camera Operator (24.5.-31.8.62)]THOMSON, Alex
[Focus Puller]WITHERS, Ken
[Focus Puller (2.7.-31.8.62)]WILSON, Mervyn
[Focus Puller (26.4.-23.6.61)]DAVEY, Hubert
[Focus Puller (28.6.-6.10.61)]KAVANAGH, Kevin
[Clapper Loader]ANSCOMBE, Ron
[Clapper Loader]STILWELL, Bobby
[Clapper Loader (19.6.-31.8.62)]TOMLIN, Michael