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Carry On Screaming! (1966)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

One evening at Oakhum woods, Doris screams when she hears an unexpected sound in the bushes. Her boyfriend Albert reluctantly goes to investigate. Finding nothing, he returns to find her vanished, with a large and misshapen finger the only clue to her whereabouts. Albert heads for the police station and gives a statement to Detective Constable Slobotham, who calls his superior at home. Detective Sergeant Bung realises that this may be connected to the recent disappearance of five other girls from the woods and decides to go to the station despite the late hour, to the dismay of his wife Emily.

Bung drives out to the woods with Alfred, leaving Slobotham to look after the car. The creature, looking for its missing finger, hides when it hears the car approach. They find nothing further in the clearing and return to the car, finding Slobotham unconscious. Reviving, he tells them of the large and hairy monster he saw before fainting. They head back, but stop at a house in the woods, to see if the residents have noticed anything suspicious of late. The butler tells them that although the master of the house, Doctor Watt, has been dead for fifteen years, he will see if he can arrange an audience. Watt's sister, Valaria, chides the butler for his slip, then goes into the underground laboratory and revives the Doctor from his slumber. She tells her brother that their monster servant, Oddbodd, has taken a girl from the woods, losing a finger in the process. The Doctor goes to see his visitors and shows them his mummy of Pharoah Rubbatiti. When the Doctor literally starts to fade away, and needs to be plugged into an electrical socket, the men flee in fear.

Bung is told by a professor that the finger belongs to a long extinct species, Homo Gargantuoso, but that it may be possible to regenerate the tissue with an electrical current. Following a lead from Dan Dann, cloakroom attendant at the park's public convenience, Bung, Albert and Slobotham go to see him, unaware that the Doctor and his sister are following them. They learn that Dan worked as a gardener for the Doctor and Valaria, but a customer interrupts his recollection. While they wait for him, Oddbod kills him. Using the severed finger, the professor creates a clone of Oddbod, which promptly kills him. The creature returns to the house in the wood and is named Oddbod Junior by Valaria.

Bung returns to continue his interview with Valeria, but she seduces him. The next day Bung and Slobotham are called out to a dressmaker's when Albert finds a dummy looking exactly like Doris. He is convinced that she has been turned into the solid figure, but is unable to find a distinguishing birthmark, which has been removed by Valaria. Bung visits Valaria with his suspicions and is given a potion, turning him into a werewolf under her power. Following her instructions, he steals the dummy and returns it to the lab.

Slobotham and Bung investigate the theft, and find the footprints of a creature with six toes. Bung sets a trap for the creature, with Slobotham, dressed in woman's clothing, as bait. Emily suspects Bung of being unfaithful and follows him and Slobotham to the woods, where she is kidnapped by Junior. Bung is distracted when he finds Alfred prowling the woods with a shotgun and returns to find that Slobotham has also been kidnapped. They go to see Valaria, who puts them up for the night as a thunderstorm breaks out. She tries unsuccessfully to kill them with a snake in their bed, but eventually Oddbod and Junior go to finish the job. Alfred and Bung make a hasty escape and find Doris and Slobotham in the lab. They are able to revive Doris and then find Emily already vitrified. Alfred inadvertently drinks the werewolf potion and is able to dispatch Oddbod and Junior. Lightning revives the Mummy, who chases the Doctor into the vat of boiling wax. Alfred and Doris are married and go to visit the Sergeant. They find him living with Valaria. The dummy of Emily remains un-restored.