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Carry On Doctor (1968)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Francis Bigger, an advocate of positive thinking in the place of medical treatment, is hurt in an accident during one of his seminars and is rushed to hospital. The other men in his ward include: Charlie Roper, a malingerer who has been extending his stay for several weeks; Mr Barron, who is suffering from a sympathetic pregnancy; Ken Biddle, who came in for a burst appendix but fell off the operating table and is now coping with a broken leg; Mr Smith, who has a mysterious growth that needs removing. They all like the accident prone Dr Kilmore, who always lends them a sympathetic ear, but hate the Registrar, the supercilious Dr Tinkle and the domineering Matron. She is secretly in love with Tinkle.

Bigger soon finds the general ward too disruptive and takes a private room. Nurse Clark who has a crush on Dr Kilmore, meets Sandra, her new roommate and a probationer. Sandra is madly in love with Dr Tinkle, who once treated her for tonsillitis. On her first day on the wards she makes a big impression on the all men at the hospital, except for Tinkle, who instead gets a panic attack when he catches a fleeting glance of her.

Bigger is visited by his assistant Chloe and then examined by Dr Tinkle after x-rays have been taken. The doctor tells him that he has a curvature of the spine and then leaves. Chloe asks if Bigger can remain in the hospital to recover and offers to pay for the stay. Bigger overhears him say that he can only give him a week, and mistakenly takes it to mean that he is dying. Bigger decides that as he will die soon, he should marry Chloe after their eleven-year engagement.

After hours, Sandra asks Dr Kilmore directions to Dr Tinkle's residence. He belatedly remembers that nurses are not allowed in the doctor's quarters and rushes to stop her. Listening at the door, he hears her throw herself at the doctor, pledging her undying love for him. It becomes clear that his conduct while treating her as a patient was highly unprofessional. Matron finds Kilmore listening and the two burst in to find Sandra and Tinkle in an embrace. Sandra is taken away, insisting that she can't bear to live without him. The next day, Kilmore asks Nurse Clarke to keep an eye on Sandra as he thinks she may be suicidal. Sandra goes on to the roof of the nurse's dorm to sunbathe. Kilmore and Clarke assume that she is planning to kill herself and race to her rescue. He runs to the top of the roof and frightens Sandra to such an extent that her screams draw the attention of the hospital's staff and patients. Tinkle and Clarke get stranded on the roof and the fire brigade has to come and save them.

Kilmore is called to a meeting with the chairman of the hospital. He explains why he thought that Sandra might be suicidal after what she said the night before. Tinkle and Matron however say that Sandra was not in the doctor's quarters the night before and so Kilmore loses his job. When the patients at the hospital hear what has happened they decide to take matters into their own hands. Matron is given a vigorous blanket bath and Tinkle is threatened with an enema until they agree to sign a confession. Kilmore is promoted and Tinkle demoted. Bigger now knows that he is not going to die, but remains married to the domineering Chloe. As he leaves the hospital he has another fall, and this time hopes he'll be able to stay for a good long while.