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Boots! Boots! (1934)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

The Crestonia Hotel. A man walks along a corridor collecting shoes to be cleaned from outside the hotel rooms. The manager finds a pair of shoes outside his office and throws them aside angrily. The boot boy, John Willie, is trying to match pairs of shoes when the manager comes in and tells him he wants to see him.

Snooky, the scullery maid, tries to cheer John Willie up and he asks her to pair up the shoes while he goes to the manager's office. The manager tells him he is to cover days off in other parts of the hotel. John Willie goes back to his room, where Snooky has found his songs. He plays his ukelele and sings her a love song.

Sir Alfred and Lady Royston arrive to spend their honeymoon at the hotel.

The chambermaid takes a break from cleaning a room to sing a song about her mother. John Willie comes in and she tries to teach him how to make love to a woman. An elderly couple, the Cliffords, arrive at the hotel searching for their niece.

A man comes to the hotel and asks John Willie for a pink room. The two frolic around before John Willie throws him out. The Roystons play the piano and sing.

Covering for the hotel hairdresser, John Willie begins to shave a woman but the bell boy tells him to go and fix a light. He places a bet on a horse with the bell boy and then cuts the woman's hair with shears. He goes to fix the light in the honeymooners' room; when he sees what they're doing he breaks the bulb. He is then chased down the corridor by the woman from the hairdresser's. The Cliffords discuss the possibility of finding their niece.

John Willie gives Snooky a dancing lesson in the kitchen. He lifts her onto a stove and accompanies her on the mouth organ while she tap dances. He turns the heat on to make her dance faster and she jumps down into his arms. John Willie runs out when the bell rings. The chef comes in and John Willie catches Snooky hugging him. John Willie plays the ukelele and sings 'Why don't women like me?' The two men fight and the chef gets pushed through the window. The chambermaid advises Snooky to play hard to get and make John Willie jealous.

Evening. The band plays while guests in evening dress sit and listen; the Roystons play cards with the Cliffords. John Willie plays Snooky his new song while she dances to it.

A young man comes into the manager's office and tells him that one of the acts is refusing to appear, so the manager goes to talk to them. On the way he sees John Willie and Snooky doing a turn and is so impressed he instructs his assistant to dismiss the other act in favour of them.

After a female cabaret act performs some gymnastic dancing, Snooky tap dances and then John Willie plays the ukelele and sings.

Some of the guests ask to meet Snooky and it emerges that she is an old school friend of Lady Royston and the missing niece of the Cliffords. John Willie quietly leaves the room, thinking that Snooky is now out of his league. However, she find him and says she's going to take him with her. They kiss.