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Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949)
Louis Mazzini/Louis' fatherPRICE, Dennis
Edith D'AscoyneHOBSON, Valerie
Sibella HollandGREENWOOD, Joan
Lord Ascoyne D'Ascoyne, the bankerGUINNESS, Alec
Mrs Mazzini, mamaFILDES, Audrey
Mr Elliott, the hangmanMALLESON, Miles
colonel, the prison governorMORTON, Clive
Lionel HollandPENROSE, John
crown counselRAMAGE, Cecil
Lord High StewardGRIFFITH, Hugh
Mr PerkinsSALEW, John
Inspector BurgoyneMESSITER, Eric
the farmerEVANS, Lyn
Miss Waterman, the schoolmistressLEAKE, Barbara
Maud RedpoleCLIFFORD, Peggy Ann
the girl in the puntVALERY, Anne
Titbits reporterLOWE, Arthur
Rev Lord Henry D'Ascoyne, the parsonGUINNESS, Alec
young Ascoyne D'AscoyneGUINNESS, Alec
Admiral Lord Horatio D'AscoyneGUINNESS, Alec
General Rufus D'AscoyneGUINNESS, Alec
young Henry D'AscoyneGUINNESS, Alec
Lady Agatha D'AscoyneGUINNESS, Alec
[1st warder]NAISMITH, Laurence
[Louis as a child]SPENSER, Jeremy
[Sibella as a child]WHITE, Carol
[Lionel as a child]PRESTON, David
[valuer]STAFF, Ivan
[Dr Hallward]COLLINS, Ian
[sergeant-at-arms]HILL, Nicholas
[clerk of parliament]PHILLOTT, Gordon
[Hoskins, gamekeeper]HANDFORD, Leslie
[Lady Redpole]HAMLEY-CLIFFORD, Molly
[Louis' counsel]WATTIS, Richard
[Graham as a child]MALONE, Cavan
[peer]LIGHTFOOT, Fletcher
[peer]GAWTHORNE, Peter
[warder]FOSTER, Maxwell
[warder]BEARD, Stanley
Ethelred D'Ascoyne, Duke of ChalfontGUINNESS, Alec
[captain]YOUNG, Harold
[.]ADAM, Anthony
Directed byHAMER, Robert
Production CompanyEaling Studios
Produced byBALCON, Michael
Associate ProducerRELPH, Michael
EditorTANNER, Peter
Production SupervisorMASON, Hal
Art DirectorKELLNER, William
Sound SupervisorDALBY, Stephen
Camera OperatorSEAHOLME, Jeff
[Sound] RecordistMITCHELL, John
Unit Production ManagerAMAN, Leigh
Costume DesignerMENDLESON, Anthony
Assistant DirectorPRIGGEN, Norman
Hair StylesBARNARD, Barbara
Hair StylesGARDNER, Pearl
Make-upTAYLOR, Ernest
Make-upFRAMPTON, Harry
ContinuityCROCKER, Phyllis
Special EffectsPEARSON, Syd
Special EffectsDICKINSON, Geoffrey
Music Performed byPhilharmonia Orchestra
[Music] ConductorIRVING, Ernest
Director of PhotographySLOCOMBE, Douglas
Screenplay byHAMER, Robert
Screenplay byDIGHTON, John
Based on a novel byHORNIMAN, Roy
[Assistant Director (2nd)]ORTON, David W.
[Assistant Director (3rd)]HEWLETT, John
[Assistant Continuity]CARBUTT, Susan
[Focus Puller]WILSON, Paul
[Clapper Loader]POLLOCK, P.
[Assembly Cutter]HOLT, Seth
[Assistant Editor (2nd)]BAKER, Roy
[Assistant Editor (2nd)]JYMPSON, John
[Assistant Art Director]DAVEY, Bert
[Draughtsman]SHAW, V.
[Draughtsman]SHAMPAN, Jack
[Draughtsman]DORME, Norman
[Draughtsman]BRYAN-BROWN, G.
[Draughtsman]HOPKIN, R.
[Draughtsman]THURGARLAND, R.
[Wardrobe Master]FOSTER, Ben
[Wardrobe Mistress]CRUTCHLEY, Edith
[Stills Supervisor]DOOLEY, Jack
[Stills]PENN, Bob
[Publicity]O'CONNOR, Pat
[Publicity]NEWNHAM, John
[Assistant Hairdresser]MARTIN, Daphne
[Boom Operator]STEADMAN, A.
[Dubbing Editor]STONE, Gordon
[Assistant Boom]WHEELER, Pat