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Rita, Sue and Bob Too (1986)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Bradford, the mid-1980s. After a night out with his wife Michelle, middle-aged Bob offers his teenage babysitters Rita and Sue a lift home. Once in the car, Bob suggests the three of them go for a drive onto the moors. Bob parks his car in a secluded spot and, with little persuasion, first Sue then Rita has sex with Bob. Arriving home, Sue is confronted by her drunken father who doesn't believe that she has been babysitting until so late. The following day Aslam, an Asian taxi driver, invites Sue out on a date. She turns him down.

Rita skips school to go with Bob to an empty show home where they have sex. Later, Michelle finds a packet of condoms in Bob's trouser pocket. Michelle tells Bob that she suspects he is having an affair with Rita or Sue. Bob denies it but says if he were, it would be her fault as she has lost interest in sex so he has no choice but to look elsewhere.

That weekend, Rita and Sue return to Bob's house to baby-sit. Michelle tells the girls about a previous affair Bob had with a babysitter and that she thinks he might be having another affair. That evening, Rita and Sue discuss what Michelle told them, Sue says it would be a shame if Bob and Michelle split up. Returning home, Bob and Michelle argue in front of Rita and Sue. At school on Monday, a classmate teases Sue about the rumours that she is having an affair with a married man. Sue slaps the girl around the face.

Rita, Sue and Bob return to the moors. Rita and Sue argue about who will have sex with Bob first. Eventually they decide it is Rita's turn. However, Bob is unable to get an erection and becomes annoyed when the girls joke about it. Later at a nightclub, Michelle's friend Mavis sees Bob with the girls. The following morning Mavis goes to Michelle's house and tells her what she saw. Michelle goes to Rita's house and drags Rita to Sue's house. Bob arrives and he, Michelle, Rita, Sue and Sue's parents have a noisy argument in the street. Michelle leaves Bob.

Rita tells Sue that she is pregnant and is moving in with Bob. Bob tells Sue that he would like to carry on seeing her as well as Rita, but Sue refuses. Sue goes to the cinema with Aslam. Later she brings him home to meet her family. Sue's father racially abuses Aslam and tells him to leave. Sue moves in with Aslam and his sister. Rita looses her baby and, after visiting her in hospital, Sue gets a lift home from Bob. Aslam sees Sue getting out of Bob's car and threatens to kill her if he ever sees her with another man again.

Bob mistakenly calls Rita Sue. Rita sees this as evidence that Bob is having an affair with Sue and she goes to Aslam's house to confront her. Also thinking that Bob and Sue are having an affair, Aslam attacks Sue but Rita drags him off. The two girls flee to Bob's house. Aslam arrives but Sue refuses to speak with him. Bob comes home and is surprised to see Rita and Sue there. Rita tells him that Sue is moving in and the three of them get into bed together.