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Henry V (1944)
King Henry V of EnglandOLIVIER, Laurence
Ancient PistolNEWTON, Robert
ChorusBANKS, Leslie
Princess KatherineASHERSON, Renee
Fluellen, captain in the English ArmyKNIGHT, Esmond
Archbishop of CanterburyAYLMER, Felix
Bishop of ElyHELPMANN, Robert
King Charles VI of FranceWILLIAMS, Harcourt
The DauphinADRIAN, Max
Duke of Berri, French AmbassadorTHESIGER, Ernest
the Constable of FranceGENN, Leo
Mountjoy, the French HeraldTRUMAN, Ralph
Duke of ExeterHANNEN, Nicholas
Alice, a lady-in-waitingST. HELIER, Ivy
Mistress QuicklyJACKSON, Freda
Williams, soldier in the English armyHANLEY, Jimmy
Jamy, captain in English armyLAURIE, John
Duke of BurgundyDYALL, Valentine
Sir John FalstaffROBEY, George
Duke of OrleansLISTER, Francis
Macmorris, captain in English armyMacGINNIS, Niall
Duke of BourbonTHORNDIKE, Russell
Lieutenant BardolphEMERTON, Roy
Gower, captain in the English armySHEPLEY, Michael
Earl of SalisburyJONES, Griffith
Sir Thomas ErpinghamGRAHAM, Morland
Bates, soldier in the English armyHAMBLING, Arthur
Court, soldier in the English armyNISSEN, Brian
Corporal NymCOOPER, Frederick
Earl of WestmorelandCASE, Gerald
Duke of GloucesterWARRE, Michael
Queen Isabel of FranceBURNELL, Janet
the governor of HarfleurTICKLE, Frank
boyCOLE, George
the French messengerFIELD, Jonathan
a priestHARE, Ernest
the English heraldGREEVES, Vernon
[.]DOONAN, Patric
Directed byOLIVIER, Laurence
Production CompanyTwo Cities Films
Associate ProducerBOWER, Dallas
EditorBECK, Reginald
Assistant DirectorPERMANE, Vincent
Text EditorDENT, Alan
Director of PhotographyKRASKER, Robert
Operating CameramanHILDYARD, Jack
Art DirectorSHERIFF, Paul
[Art Director] Assisted byDILLON, Carmen
Scenic ArtistLINDEGAARD, E.
Special EffectsDAY, W. Percy
Costume DesignerFURSE, Roger
[Costume Designer] Assisted byFURSE, Margaret
Make-upSFORZINI, Tony
HairdressingWALKER, Vivienne
ContinuityBARRY, Joan
Chief ElectricianWALL, Bill
Music byWALTON, William
Conducted byMATHIESON, Muir
Played byLondon Symphony Orchestra
Sound RecorderDENNIS, John
Sound RecorderDEW, Desmond
[Stills]NEWTON, Wilfrid
Production UnitBANGS, F.G.
Production UnitEVANS, Laurence
Production UnitHAYES, Alec
Master of the HorseWHITE, John
Produced byOLIVIER, Laurence
From the play bySHAKESPEARE, William
Colour DirectorKALMUS, Natalie
Associate [Colour Director]BRIDGE, Joan
[Assistant Director (2nd)]ALEXANDER, John
[Assistant Director (3rd)]MacDONNELL, John
[Assistant Continuity]THOMSON, Dorothy
[Focus Puller]FOLEY, Norman
[Assistant Camera]PANNAMAN, Irvin
[Assembly Cutter]HALES, Gordon
[Assistant Editor]BARKER, Anne
[Assistant Editor (2nd)]LENNY, Bill
[Draughtsman]BOWDEN, William
[Draughtsman]PIERCE, Betty
[Technicolor Technician]MINASSIAN, George
[Matte Shots]HARRIS, Henry
[Matte Shots]BLACKWELL, George
[Back Projection]STAFFELL, Charles
[Sound Camera Operator]RAYNHAM, Harry
[Boom Operator]LAMBOURNE, Stanley
[Boom Assistant]BLOXHAM, Roy E.
[Sound Maintenance Assistant]DAY, Wally
[Dubbing Editor]MILLER, Harry
[Dubbing Crew]WHEATLEY, Alan
[Dubbing Crew]KAY, Anthony J.
[Dubbing Crew]LUSCOMBE, J.
StudioD and P Studios
[Casting]HOWARD, Irene
[Production Supervisor]SAMUEL, Phil C.