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Black Narcissus (1947)
[Deborah Kerr's double in Ireland]RAWLING, Joy
Sister ClodaghKERR, Deborah
Dilip Rai, the young generalSABU
Mr DeanFARRAR, David
Sister PhilippaROBSON, Flora
the old generalKNIGHT, Esmond
KanchiSIMMONS, Jean
Sister RuthBYRON, Kathleen
Sister 'Honey' BlancheLAIRD, Jenny
Sister BrionyFURSE, Judith
Angu AyahHALLATT, May
Joseph AnthonyWHALEY Jr, Eddie
ConNOBLE, Shaun
Mother DorotheaROBERTS, Nancy
PhubaON Ley
?Independent Producers
Production CompanyArchers Film Productions
Produced byPRESSBURGER, Emeric
Assistant ProducerBUSBY, George R.
Assistant DirectorSTREETER, Sydney S.
Written byPOWELL, Michael
Written byPRESSBURGER, Emeric
Photographed in Technicolor byCARDIFF, Jack
Colour ControlKALMUS, Natalie
Associate [Colour Control]BRIDGE, Joan
[Camera Operator]SCAIFE, Ted
[Camera Operator]SAYERS, Stan
Process ShotsDAY, W. Percy
EditorMILLS, Reginald
Production Designed byJUNGE, Alfred
Assistant Art DirectorLAWSON, Arthur
Music/Sound Score Composed/Conducted byEASDALE, Brian
[Music Performed] WithLondon Symphony Orchestra
CostumesHECKROTH, Hein
SoundLAMBOURNE, Stanley
Dubbing MixerMcCALLUM, Gordon K.
Adapted from the novel byGODDEN, Rumer
Directed byPOWELL, Michael
Directed byPRESSBURGER, Emeric
Produced byPOWELL, Michael
[Camera Operator]CHALLIS, Christopher
[Indian Liaison Officer]PERRY, Kenneth
[Assistant Director (2nd)]RICK, Kenneth
[Assistant Director (3rd)]KNIGHT, L.
[Assistant Director (3rd)]LYNN, Robert
[Continuity]DYER, Winifred
[Assistant Continuity]BUSBY, Joanna
[Focus Puller]CRAIG, Ian
[Focus Puller]CROSS, Ronald
[Clapper Loader]SALISBURY, Herbert
[Clapper Loader]LIVESEY, Michael
[Technicolor Camera Assistant]ALLPORT, Dick
[Lighting Electrician]WALL, Bill
[Chief Electrician]BLACK, Harry
[Assistant Editor (1st)]LOGIE, Seymour
[Assistant Editor (2nd)]DOIG, Lee
[Assistant Editor (2nd)]ACKLAND, Noreen
[Draughtsman]SCOTT, Elliot
[Draughtsman]PICTON, Don
[Draughtsman]KELLNER, William
[Draughtsman]HARMAN, J.
[Draughtsman]BEATTIE, G.
[Draughtsman]HARRIS, Alan
[Set Dresser]PEMBERTON, M.A.S.
[Scenic Artist]BEDDOES, Ivor
[Art Department Trainee]TOWNSEND, R.
[Indian Set Dresser]HARVISON, E.
[Chief Construction Manager]BATCHELOR, Harold
[Dress Supervisor]HENNINGS, Elizabeth
[Wardrobe Mistress]EDWARDS, Dorothy
[Wardrobe Master]RAYNOR, Bob
[Make-up]BLACKLER, George
[Assistant Make-up]GASSER, Ernie
[Hairdresser]CHRYSTAL, Biddy
[Assistant Hairdresser]ROBINSON, June
[Special Effects Camera]HAGUE, Douglas
[Foreground Miniatures]HIGGINS, Jack
[Synthetic Pictorial Effects]PEARSON, Syd
[Casting Director]RAYMOND, Adele
[Assistant Casting]MacDONNELL, Patrick
[Crowd Casting]DEREHAM, Jerry
[Crowd Casting]HAHN, Bill
[Stills (Colour)]CANNON, George
[Stills (Monochrome)]ROSHER, Max
[Stills (Portrait)]DANIELS, Fred
[Chief Production Mixer]DENNIS, John
[Boom Operator]PATERNOSTER, George
[Boom Assistant]STOLOVICH, Mick
[Dubbing Editor]SEABOURNE Jr., John
[Music Recording]DRAKE, Ted
[Horticultural Consultant]LODER, Giles
StudioPinewood Studios
StudioD and P Studios