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Tilly, The Tomboy, Visits the Poor (1910)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

[Note: the film has unfortunately been mis-edited, so that the beginning appears at the end]

Tilly and her sister bounce on the bed of the ill Mrs. Smith. They rush out of her house into the street. They come upon a workman carrying a ladder with a rope coiled at one end. The girls take the rope and tie it to the ladder. As the workman walks away they follow. Stretching the rope out, they trip up a man carrying baskets on his head. The two men fall over and begin to fight then realise they have been tricked and pursue the girls as they make their escape. The girls leap over a garden fence and steal a laundry van. The two men give chase as does the laundry van driver. One of the girls hurls out the laundry tripping up the pursuers. A woman sees her laundry in the street and complains to the driver; all give chase once more. The girls leap from the van down a side street but are followed by the crowd. The girls take refuge in a bakery, knocking one man into the dough and another into a vat of flour. The crowd rushes in only to trip over the men. In the chaos the girls make their escape. The crowd follow, only to be pelted with flour. The girls race back to Mrs. Smith and diligently attend her. The pursuers break into the house and see the charitable work of the two girls. The pursuers leave, shamed by their actions.

[Beginning of film] The two girls go to Mrs. Smith's house. Their father instructs them to visit Mrs. Smith who is ill. The girls set off and enter the house. The girls spin the bed as Mrs. Smith lies in it, then bounce up and down on it. They run from the house and come upon a workman with a ladder.

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