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Mitchell and Kenyon: Blackpool Victoria Pier (1904)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Mitchell and Kenyon 200

Two double-decker trams on the promenade. People mount the stairs of one tram; the tram approaching from the opposite direction bears the sign 'Promenade', and at the bottom of the tram `Victoria Pier. New Promenade'. The Blackpool Tower is faintly visible in the distance. People on the promenade watch the camera. A building on the Victoria Pier marked 'Toll Office'. More buildings on the Victoria Pier and the gates. Crowds stand outside the gates looking at camera. Slightly high-angled shot of people in the foreground watching the camera, the shore and the buildings behind them. Slightly elevated shot of people on the pier watching the camera, some waving. Behind them people walking along the pier. Crowds on the pier move slowly forward towards the camera.

Mitchell and Kenyon 201

A band in military-style uniforms (with plumes in their hats) plays on a raised dais/stage - includes a mixture of brass, strings and wind instruments, as well as a grand piano at the back of the stage. The heads of the audience can be seen, wearing an assortment of men and womens' hats. The conductor also holds a violin, and an elderly lady in Victorian-style clothes walks in front of the stage. An old man in a wheelchair is pushed along the front of the audience by a
younger man in a bowler hat and the conductor plays his violin. A sign on the side of a wooden building or hoarding reads "Flockton-Foster, Entertainers, Three Times Daily". Crowds of children stand in front of it. The performers on an outdoor stage. Four men and three women (plus a male accompanist on the piano) in naval-style dress do a song and dance routine, including small steps, marching steps and a rotation routine, ending with a salute. A large standing audience enjoys the concert, all sexes and ages are represented, all in their best clothes. A man dressed as those on stage passes round an elongated collection bag with a handle. The camera pans across the audience; some people wave their hats at it. Concluding shot of the domed pavilion building, and the smaller octagonal building in front of it.

Mitchell and Kenyon 203

People stroll along the promenade, several of the women using umbrellas as parasols as it is a sunny day. Everyone is very well-dressed, and there is a mixture of ages, sexes and fashions. The camera remains stationary while people pass by. A young girl holds the arm of an old lady dressed Queen Victoria-style. More well-dressed people pass.

Mitchell and Kenyon 742

A group of people - some of them children - stand grinning for the camera as crowds more mill behind them.