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Mitchell and Kenyon: Birmingham University Procession (1901)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Mitchell and Kenyon 523

View of crowds, ranks of policemen, policemen on duty in front of crowds. Various views of University dignitaries and further views of policemen and onlookers. Occasional University dignitaries are seen walking through the onlookers - dressed in academic robes. The procession of University dignitaries or graduate students (all seem 30-plus in age). The procession includes a few women and all wear academic robes.

Mitchell and Kenyon 524

University dignitaries wearing caps and gowns file towards and past the camera, down steps round the side of a building. Less senior are followed by more senior, and lastly a man in a very decorative gown (with small boy holding it off the ground at the back) and the mayor (wearing mayoral chain). Crowds look on from behind policemen. The same dignitaries file past the camera but in reverse order, with the mayor and man in decorative gown first (led by another man carrying a staff) and then the less senior masters. There are some women in caps and gowns in the procession and students follow last of all.

Mitchell and Kenyon 525

Students, men and women, in caps and gowns file past the camera, followed by women who are not wearing caps and gowns. One black man wearing a cap and gown and another wearing a boater are in the procession. Procession of students is followed by young boys in flat caps. Don't appear to be part of the procession, just tagging along behind.

Mitchell and Kenyon 526

Procession of University dignitaries in academic robes walks left to right past camera. The procession includes two women. Views of the crowds and policemen on crowd duty. Policemen, walking two abreast leaving the location followed by children looking at the camera. Policemen, marching five abreast file past the camera in what appears to be a courtyard. A senior police inspector stands, then marches past the camera. A boot black at work in a street. Traffic and street scene from corner of Victoria Square, with statue of Queen Victoria visible in the background.