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Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary (1953)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

American army airman Laurie Vining arrives in England to spend his honeymoon with his new wife, Gillian. The couple are met at the airport by Laurie's old comrade Hank Hanlon. As Hank drives them to their hotel in Grosvenor Square, he continually reminds Laurie of his previous wife, Candy, to Laurie's dismay.

Elsewhere, Candy, now working as a photographer's model, reads of the marriage in a newspaper. She rushes off to the hotel where the Vinings are staying.

At the hotel, Hank assists the couple with their luggage. Impatiently, they wait for him to leave so they can retire to the bedroom. Before Hank leaves, Candy arrives. While Gillian remains unaware of her presence, Candy tells Laurie that the divorce he obtained in California is not valid in England: they are still married. She asks for a $5000 settlement in return for keeping quiet and refuses to leave until she's paid. Hank and Laurie hide her. Laurie calls Frank Betterton, a lawyer, and asks him to come over. Frank asks his chief clerk to cable a contact in America, to establish the truth. Meanwhile, Hank and Laurie try and keep Candy a secret from Gillian. This proves a difficult business.

When Candy is finally revealed to Gillian, Laurie claims that she is Frank's wife. An uneasy evening follows with shy Frank pretending to be Candy's husband.

The following day, the deception is revealed. Laurie confesses to Gillian, who reveals she had already realised the situation. Romance blossoms between Candy and Frank and between Lucy, the maid, and Hank.

A telephone call from America confirms that Candy is not married to Laurie, and all seems to be well, until Laurie's superior officer arrives and tells him he is to be posted abroad with Lieutenant Babs Browning - another old flame.