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Mitchell and Kenyon: Launch of HMS Dominion (1903)


Warning: screenonline full synopses contain 'spoilers' which give away key plot points. Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending!

Mitchell & Kenyon 225

The ship is about to be launched, in the wooden construction built for the launching. A tower to the left, close by the ship, has the letters 'CWT' (?) on it. In open water, there are small sailing yachts and a two-funnelled ship, possibly the tug boat. The bow of the Dominion comes into view as it slides into the water, the chains previously holding her now trailing. The wreckage of the wood used to build the launch stand floats in the water.

Mitchell & Kenyon 226

A dense crowd of people watches a parade of uniformed soldiers with rifles on horseback. The buildings in the background are festooned with bunting. A horse-drawn open carriage with dignitaries follows. More officers on horseback with rifles follow the carriage. A brass band marches by, followed by a long parade of foot soldiers with rifles.

Mitchell & Kenyon 227

Officials, including a man wearing a chain of office (the Mayor or town clerk?) stand outside civic offices (Town Hall?). Most men wear robes and one wears a legal gown and a wig. A woman stands centre-stage on the podium. A horse-drawn carriage arrives bearing the women seen briefly in the procession in Mitchell & Kenyon 226. The woman on the podium steps down to greet one of the two women in the carriage; other officials do the same. The women remain in the carriage and the VIP lady is given a bunch of flowers by a uniformed man. The carriage still standing (with the two women) outside the building but with the officials gone. There is a view through the archway, to a window with a distant view of the landscape beyond including a church spire?. Mounted officers with swords ride by followed by a carriage bearing a uniformed man and a women; other carriage follows. A brass band (police band?) stands by holding instruments but not playing. Flags on a lamp-post outside the building include one with a crest depicting a crown and a star beneath it.