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Mining Review: 10th Year (1956-57)

The tenth year of the coal industry's own newsreel

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This is a complete list of items screened during Mining Review's 10th year:

September 1956 - No. 1

Russian Visit No. 2
A Soviet mining delegation visits the Midlands.

The coke and by-product plant near Chesterfield.

Area Profile: East Midlands No.3 Edwinstowe
Production at Edwinstowe.

October 1956 - No. 2

Mechanisation Squad
Power loading in the Lothians.

Ten Years On: Health in the Mines
Advances in medical care for miners.

Coal Conference
International conference on chemical engineering at thE NCB Coal Research Establishment.

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November 1956 - No. 3

Press Visit
A press visit to Ormonde Colliery in Derbyshire to see the new Trepanner powerloading machine.

Ten Years On: Coal Preparation
A survey of the new and reconstructed coal preparation plant in the last ten years.

West Hartlepool
Power-loader J. Stokell entertains his family and friends with swimming pool he has built in his garden.

Tower on the Move
The Sea Tower is towed 7 miles down the Firth of Forth to a new site of operations.

December 1956 - No. 4

Coal Mining Today
London preview of NCB's travelling exhibition.

Blythe Spirit
Shipping coal, Blythe.

Autumn Outing
Old Age Pensioners on a trip to Blackpool.

Forging the Link
Manufacture and testing of colliery chains

January 1957 - No. 5

Sea Shift
A sea rescue by the miner crew of the Newbiggin Lifeboat.

Training Film
Men being instructed in up-to-date mining methods.

Olympic Flame
The Olympic flame being transferred to a lamp donated by Saar miners.

Ten Years On
NCB Chairman Sir James Bowman sums up the work and progress carried out in Britain's coalmines over the last ten years.

February 1957 - No. 6

But Once A Year
A Christmas party for miners' children.

Britain's newest power loading machine for longwall faces in operation in Yorkshire.

The setting-up of a Central Engineering Establishment at Bretby.

Old Hands
The story of an old winding engine and of the two men who operate it.

March 1957 - No. 7

Area Profile: St Helens Area
Lancashire coal mines.

Analysis of dust, air and coal.

Ten Years On: Reconstruction
Rebuilding of old pits and sinking of new ones.

April 1957 - No. 8

Hungarians In Britain
Interviews with Hungarians recruited by the NCB.

Double Dutch
New methods of tracing gas leaks devised by Dutch engineers.

Pulsed Infusion
A new technique of shot-firing.

Songs of the Coalfields 1: The Sandgate Nursing Man
A mining ballad from Newcastle.

May 1957 - No. 9

Waste Not
A fuel-saving boiler house at Llay main colliery.

Good Move
The rehousing of a mining community in Northumberland.

Any Old Iron
A foundry operating on colliery premises.

Songs of the Coalfields 2: The Best Little Doorboy
A mining song from South Wales.

June 1957 - No. 10

Songs of the Coalfields 3: 16 Tons
A mining ballad from Virginia.

Fields of Coal
Open-cast mining summarised from start to restoration of land in Northumbria.

Teachers Tour
School masters visit Chislet Colliery in Kent.

July 1957 - No. 11

The Rogation Sunday service at Ashington.

Crock 'n'Roll
A roller skating hockey team based at Herne Bay Pier and populated by miners from Chislet Colliery.

Songs of the Coalfields 4: The Plodder Seam
Ewan MacColl sings his own Lancashire mining song.

Area Profile No. 3: Ashington
The reasons for the 40% increase production in the coal field.

August 1957 - No. 12

Future Definite
The inauguration of Parkside colliery, Lancashire, and the first coal from Kinneil.

Guess What?
A 96 year old winding engine.

Songs of the Coalfields 5: The Blantyre Explosion
A Scottish lament referring to the 1877 explosion at Dixon's colliery, High Blantyre.

Sky's The Limit
Stock piling for future needs.

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