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Mining Review: 13th Year (1959-60)

The thirteenth year of the coal industry's own newsreel

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This is a complete list of items screened during Mining Review's 13th year:

September 1959 - No. 1

Progress report on the building of what will be the most modern colliery in Europe, situated in Yorkshire.

Small Coal
The unique small gauge Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway, a user of local Kent coal.

Fresh Water
The problem of underground water is solved at Mainsforth colliery, County Durham, by utilising it to augment local water supplies.

Derbyshire versus Yorkshire match featuring four Derby mining men - Cliff Gladwin, Les Jackson, George Dawkes, and Edwin Smith.

October 1959 - No. 2

Showing The World
The exhibition held by the Council of Underground Machinery Manufacturers at Olympia, drawing mining men from fifty countries to London.

Geordie Comes To Town
Geordie Browne, an 83 year old ex-miner from Ashington, Northumberland, comes to London for the first time since the turn of the century.

Heart of England
At historic Cole Orton Hall, near Ashby, Leicestershire, a carnival procession and a pageant "The Heart of England" form part of the Annual Fete and Gala in aid of the Mineworkers' Paraplegic Fund.

November 1959 - No. 3

Plan For Speed
Dorothy Hyman, a tracer at NCB Headquarters near Barnsley, wins the 3 'A's titles for 100 and 200 yards.

New Slant
A diesel railway solves the problem of getting coal from a new Welsh mine set in a valley too narrow to hold its surface installations

Mining Review goes to Denmark with a cargo of British coal for Scandinavian power stations.

December 1959 - No. 4

The Art of Mining
A miners art group in Ashington, Northumberland, meet and discuss their latest works.

Mounted Minors
The Banwen Pony Club, most of whose members are miners' children, practice for the Horse of the Year Show.

Speaking Through Coal
A look at Welsh anthracite and its use as one of the most important materials in telephones.

Record Pit
British shaft sinking records are shattered at Lancashire's Parkside Colliery.

January 1960 - No. 5

Stitch in Time
One of the unusual hobbies of miner Charlie Palfreyman is embroidery.

Stocks For Watts
The storing of coal for the new power station at High Marnham in Nottinghamshire which will be the largest electricity generating station in Britain.

Johnny Schofield
The ex-miner and collier's son who is now the regular goalkeeper of Birmingham City Football Club.

On Call
The new call system for part-time members of the Central Rescue Station in Cowdenbeath.

February 1960 - No. 6

150th Issue
To mark the completion of 150 consecutive issues of Mining Review, veteran commentator John Slater presents a picture of miners and mining today against a canvas of the past and future.

March 1960 - No. 7

Minister's Visit
Minister for Power Richard Wood inspects recent developments in the Northumberland coalfields.

Home Fires
The story of a foundry manufacturing stoves and cookers.

Miner's Family
A family weekend spent at Ashington, Northumberland with the footballing Charlton brothers.

April 1960 - No. 8

35 Years After
NBC Chairman Sir James Bowman at Brynlliw Colliery, reopened after 35 years.

Stormy Genius
Eastwood, birthplace of miner's son D.H. Lawrence, whose Sons and Lovers is being filmed there by Jack Cardiff.

East Wemyss
Mining and weaving in the Scottish village of East Wemyss.

Lot 150
A chair made of coal recently auctioned at Sotheby's.

May 1960 - No. 9

An adaptation of an existing machine to mine more big coal.

Coal On Wheels
Bicycles being made at a Nottinghamshire factory and coal's part in the production.

Miner On Foot
Alfred Rosenthal comes third in a marathon walk to Land's End, and his welcome home from his pit mates.

Picking It Up Again
Coal stocks brought into being by a sudden recession in heavy industry are on their way again.

June 1960 - No. 10

Free Men
The free miners who by right of birth can work the coal in the Forest of Dean.

New Boys
New recruits to the coal industry are trained underground by miners.

Rolling Miner
Roller skating champion James Lipyeat from Chislet Colliery in Kent, in training to skate from John O'Groats to Lands End.

Record Drive
The National Tunnelling Record of 107 yards, 4 inches is set at Bank Hall Colliery, Burnley.

July 1960 - No. 11

Saturday Innings
Miners from Bolsover Colliery, Derbyshire, enjoy a Saturday afternoon's cricket competing in the Bassetlaw League.

Model Dedication
Retired miner George Hector has made models since his schooldays: one of his works is in Buckingham Palace, and his latest, 'The Veteran Miner', was recently dedicated in York Minster

House Warming
The use of 100,000 tons a year of Welsh anthracite to heat the acres of glasshouses used in the tomato and flower growing industry in Guernsey.

August 1960 - No. 12

Further developments in the new Lurgi Gas Plant of Westfield, Fife, where the new process completely gasifies the coal leaving only an ash deposit.

A Quoits competition between Wales and Scotland at Cwmavon.

Garden Party
Stars and attractions, among them 'Cosie' the baby bear mascot of the Coal Utilisation Council, at a charity garden party.

Golden Jubilee
New housing, amenities, schools, and the modernisation of collieries are the keynotes of Stoke in its Jubilee year.

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