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Mining Review: 14th Year (1960-61)

The fourteenth year of the coal industry's own newsreel

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This is a complete list of items screened during Mining Review's 14th year:

September 1960 - No. 1

House Builder
A young miner builds his own house.

Geyser Power
Steaming geysers in New Zealand.

Cows and Coal
A modern boiler installation in a London depot.

Water Cutter
Coal cut by water in a South Wales mine.

Midget Miner
Atomic science helps a new power loader designed to win coal from seams around two feet thick.

October 1960 - No. 2

Silver and Bronze
Olympic medallist Dorothy Hyman returns with her trophies.

Washed Coal
An experiment with high power hoses to wash coal in New Zealand.

Coal helps to make chocolate.

Bedlington terriers visit a mining town.

November 1960 - No. 3

Rain or Shine
The Kentish Coalfields Gala Day in Dover.

Double Tops
Albert Welsh, Dart champion of Britain.

The story of James Gillan, George Medallist.

December 1960 - No. 4

Tidying Up
The modern technique of putting the rubbish back underground.

What's Wrong?
Finding the "deliberate mistake" in a dummy mine makes miners safety conscious.

Bird Watchers
Charles Beaumont caring for injured animals.

Two of a Kind
Two mining motor-cycle enthusiasts take part in race.

January 1961 - No. 5

The varied training covered by a recruit to management in the Somerset coalfield.

Goodbye The Old Faithful
An old winding machine is being retired.

Good Luck
Britains first nationalised chimney sweep doing a good job.

Try-Try-Try Again
Rugby match.

February 1961 - No. 6

Coal Cures
A large manufacturing chemists near Nottingham, where coal is used not only as a power source, but a a raw material in the making of drugs.

31st January 1961
Interview with outgoing NCB Chairman Sir James Bowman.

1st February 1961
Interview with incoming NCB Chairman the Right Honourable Alfred Robens.

*This film can be watched on BFI InView.

March 1961 - No. 7

A new anthracite pit opens in south Wales.

Dance For Their Dinner
Club activities in a training centre.

See For Yourself
A colliery open day.

New College
The Manchester Domestic and Trades College.

April 1961 - No. 8

Take It Easy
A new lorry with built-in conveyor delivers coal.

Improving Study
Engineers analyse pit work.

Child's Play
Northumberland miners in their 'local'.

Sinking Fastest
A new shaft sinkers' record.

May 1961 - No. 9

Commonwealth Coal
A special issue dealing with training in the coal industry made as a contribution to Commonwealth Technical Training Week. Commonwealth students avail themselves of the Coal Board's training facilities and use their acquired skills in their own countries.

June 1961 - No. 10

Visit to Ayr
Boys from Eton College visit the Scottish Coalfields.

Tulip Time
The annual Festival of Flowers at Spalding in Lincolnshire.

July 1961 - No. 11

Coaled Steel
The art of sword making.

All Gold
Gold mining in Ghana.

Merthyr Boy
Howard Winstone, Britain's Featherweight Champion returns to Merthyr.

August 1961 - No. 12

Miners "ring the changes" in the Midland area. Many of the bells are cast in the Loughborough foundary.

Ex-miner Johnson Ellwood heads a famous Northern clog-dancing family.

Forward Move
Research carried out at the Central Engineering Establishemnt at Bretby in Derbyshire is playing a big part in raising efficiency and safety standards.

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