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Mining Review: 15th Year (1961-62)

The fifteenth year of the coal industry's own newsreel

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This is a complete list of items screened during Mining Review's 15th year:

September 1961 - No. 1

John McMinn, a disabled miner who lost his hand in an accident, still plays the bagpipes.

Curtain Up
The Soviet Exhibition at Earls Court, including some new Russian coalmining machinery.

Ripping Invention
The design and production of a machine for ripping stone down to form the roadways at the coal-face.

Opening Ceremony
The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh come to Fife to open the Lurgi gas plant at Westfield.

October 1961 - No. 2

Business and Pleasure
The inland waterways of Britain and some of the boats and barges that use them at the Eighth Annual Parade of Boats at Aylesbury

New Star
A dinky, newly retired pit pony finds a home for life with film producer Peter Rogers.

Miners' Music
Miners on holiday at recreation centre Wortley Hall in Yorkshire making music of all kinds.

Chairman Aloft
A visit by NCB Chairman Lord Robens to one of the Board's sea boring towers off the coast of County Durham.

November 1961 - No. 3

Water Shoot
Cronton Colliery's fire fighting team visits London for the finals of the Industrial Fire Protection Association's Competition.

The popular gauge model-railway gets its initial start from coal - the manufacture of the rolling stock, etc., in a Liverpool factory.

Help Yourself
The first ever loose coal vending machine makes its debut in a London suburb.

O.M.S. 50
A new record set up in the East Midlands coalfields, where output per man-shift is 50 cwt.

December 1961 - No. 4

Record Corner - 22¬Ĺ Tons Per Man
An output record set by Swallow Nines face at Barrow Colliery near Barnsley.

Still Waters
A South Wales Coal sailing team meets one from the Electricity Board near Chichester.

On Shift
Modern methods of coal handling demonstrated at Salford during the Combustion Engineering Association's Exhibition.

Lure of the Leek
Johnny Pandritch, a Northern Division Surveyor, lets out a few of the secrets he has learned about the popular miners' pastime of leek growing.

January 1962 - No. 5

A modern new town in County Durham with a population of miners.

A visit to London's annual Schoolboys' Exhibition at Olympia.

A party of disabled and orphaned youngsters are treated to a day out on the Bluebell Railway Line in Sussex.

Record Year
A look back at an eventful year, and the prospects for 1962.

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February 1962 - No. 6

Play Boy
Clarry Stafford, an underground worker at Steetley Colliery, writes a play about mining folk, produced at the Chesterfield Civic Theatre.

A look at underground roadways in mines.

Centre Figure
Abe Moffat, son of the Scottish NUM President, trains at the Niversknowe Social Welfare Centre at Bilston, in Scotland.

March 1962 - No. 7

A visit to the headquarters of the Meteorological Office in Bracknell, Berkshire, where weather reports are prepared for radio, television, the Press and all big users of the forecasts, including the NCB.

Methane, feared as a cause of underground explosions, is drained by pipes and put to good use, including driving a railway locomotive.

Whitehaven Whippets
A favourite pastime of the people of Cumberland - racing whippets.

April 1962 - No. 8

The many great works of religious art at Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff, maintained at a constant temperature by coal-fired underfloor heating.

Direct Supply
Woolstanton, an old colliery near Stoke, is being extensively modernised. A conveyor belt takes coking smalls direct from the colliery to the Shelton Iron and Steel Works.

Mining Portraits - Johnny Pandrich
A former surveyor in the N. and C. Division, relates the impressions that the pits have made on him

The Curtain Rises
A look at the new technical high school in the mining town of Castleford in Yorkshire with its unusual curtains in the school hall.

May 1962 - No. 9

Ideal Homes
One of the National Coal Board's 62 brickworks (at Blairdon in Fife), providing the raw materials for the subject of the Ideal Homes Exhibition at Olympia.

Mining Portrait - A Pit Fitter
John Elliott, a Foreman Fitter at Harraton Colliery, County Durham, describes his job in the pit.

First Flight
NCB Chairman Lord Robens makes the first official flight in the Board's plane,a de Havilland Mark 8 Dove, to attend a demonstration of a new coal-cutting machine, the Collins Miner.

June 1962 - No. 10

Show Train
NCB Chairman Lord Robens and British Transport Commission Chairman Dr. Beeching open the 'Cosy Home Show Train' at London's Victoria Station.

Mining Portrait - The Safety Officer
Ken Stephenson, the Safety Officer at Ryhope, near Sunderland, relates the responsibilities attached to his job.

The Fighting Harveys
Five miner brothers from Thornley Colliery, County Durham, who are dedicated to boxing.

July 1962 - No. 11

Well Done
Tributes to Neil Fox, hero of Wakefield Trinity's Cup Final victory, and Howard Winstone, the British Featherweight Champion.

East Midlands Looks West
The reconstruction of Cadley hill Colliery on the western fringe of the East Midlands coalfield.

Brittiska Utstäliningen
A look at Stockholm and the British Trade Fair held there.

August 1962 - No. 12

Piping Heat
A new way of delivering coal to bulk users by means of a pipeline.

'Way of Gentleness'
A judo match between Port Talbot and Porth proves the skill of Gerald Thomas, a surveyor from South Wales.

In Spite of the Weather
The Royal Agricultural Show at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where the Coal Board exhibit included a greenhouse where Percy Thrower gave advice.

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