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Mining Review: 17th Year (1963-64)

The seventeenth year of the coal industry's own newsreels

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This is a complete list of items screened during Mining Review's 17th year:

September 1963 - No. 1

Coal Shift
A coal handling exhibition at Marylebone Freight Yard shows the latest mechanical equipment for surface handling.

In The Sun
A party of miners suffering from pneumoconiosis on holiday at Rimini, Italy.

The Bretby Selective Heading Machine developed by Board engineers.

Yorkshire Double
Trained First Aid Teams from mines all over the country compete in the National First Aid Competition held at Blackpool.

October 1963 - No. 2

Steam Up!
By replacing three old-fashioned boiler houses with a new single modern one, Sheffield City General Hospital raises more heat with less coal.

A new coal winning machine at Bolden colliery, the Trepan Shearer which produces large coal.

Merchants of Venice
Exports of British coal to Italy and its delivery to householders in Venice by canal.

Lidice Lives
The rebirth of the old mining village of Lidice, in Czechoslovakia, decimated by the Germans on 10th June 1942.

November 1963 - No. 3

Line Up
A news flash on electricity generation and what it means to the miners.

High Tatras
A Czech mining couple on holiday at Stary Smokovits in the High Tatras.

Kent's Best
Increased production by the miners of Kent's four pits, which are producing one-third more coal than before.

Tree Shift
Two US-made tree planting machines show what can be done in transplanting large trees at an open-cast site. .

December 1963 - No. 4

Sing It Abroad
The Treorchy Miners' choir visits Zurich during British fortnight.

Trout Again
A miners' angling club on the Sirhowy river in South Wales, where the water is now made clear by new coal washing techniques.

Supply Vehicle
A new heavy diesel underground supplies vehicle which can carry 4 tons of supplies and equipment.

Time in the Sun
A party of Derbyshire miners on holiday in Riccione, Italy.

January 1964 - No. 5

Every Monday Morning
The work of the Coal Board's Transfer Scheme in enabling Durham miners from nearly exhausted pits to find work in the North Staffs. area and resettle them.

February 1964 - No. 6

City Lights
The export of coal to Venice to fire the Mestre Power Station.

The Place with the Coal
A look at Lea Hall, a big new pit in the West Midlands supplying coal to neighbouring Rugeley Power Station. Also, how coal delivery to the householder in Staffordshire is being streamlined by the establishment of mechanised coal depots.

The only miner's pack of hounds in South Wales, with Ewan MacColl singing a ballad.

March 1964 - No. 7

End of the Road
Some of the few remaining horse and coal carts in London.

No Smoking
The production of Homefire, a new hexagonal smokeless fuel.

The progress of Northumberland miner's daughter Helen Kent, studying to be an engineer.

Czech Mate
A party of Nottinghamshire miners visit Czechoslovakia as the guests of the Czech mining industry.

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April 1964 - No. 8

Story 705
The 200th issue of Mining Review, showing how production is carried out for each monthly film, from the creation of the story to completion of the film.

May 1964 - No. 9

Liquid Assets
One of the most unusual by-products of mining, blac fixe, made from waste waters pumped from neighbouring pits is produced at Backworth, Northumberland.

The fall of Oakdale's redundant smoke stacks as this South Wales pit changes from steam-winding to an automatic electric winder.

Final Night
The NCB National Final of the Mineworkers' Amateur Boxing Championship, with Terence Halpin winning the featherweight championship for the 14th year running.

June 1964 - No. 10

Parkside Pays Off
The opening of Parkside Colliery, Lancashire's first new pit for over 30 years.

Light Out Of Darkness
A look at the miner's safety lamp.

The Crowd Roars
New Bridge Football Club, South Wales.

Arthur Holland
Yorkshire miner Arthur Holland, who refereed the 1964 F.A. Cup Final at Wembley.

July 1964 - No. 11

Island of Coal
The culmination of a nationwide children's film competition on the subject of coal

The model making hobby of Coal Board employee Percy Webb.

Tunnelling Yesterday
The part played by some of Britain's miners in World War I, tunnelling on the Western Front.

Tunnelling Today
The link-up of two pits on opposite sides of the Firth of Forth by a tunnel, in order to increase production.

August 1964 - No. 12

The Somerset Coalfield
A look at the most highly mechanised coalfield in England (for its size).

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