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Mining Review: 18th Year (1964-65)

The eighteenth year of the coal industry's own newsreel

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This is a complete list of items screened during Mining Review's 18th year:

September 1964 - No. 1

Paris Parley
International Energy Exhibition in Paris.

Egg Man
A miner who paints pictures on eggs.

Golden Horses
Steam driven 'horses' of yesterday.

A Car Is Born
The use of coal in car manufacture.

October 1964 - No. 2

Fruits of Stoke Orchard
The new fuel and appliance testing laboratory at the Board's Coal Research Establishment.

Joy Ride
The use of coal in a children's railway.

The use of coal in dress manufacturing.

Thirsty Work
Coal for steam in a large London brewery.

November 1964 - No. 3

On the Screen
Automated mining through the use of closed circuit televisions at Ormonde Colliery in Derbyshire.

Joe Preston, a retired miner from Donisthorpe.

Tuesday at 7.30
Judo at Lancashire area headquarters, Walkden.

Safety At Work
Protective clothing, its uses above and below ground.

December 1964 - No. 4

Warm as Toast
The Brighton Housewarming Centre and the London Fireplace Fair.

Congratulations George
Britain's top mining student, George Wilson.

Big Wheel
The ingenious invention used by lead miners on the Isle of Man.

Down to the Sea
The launching of a collier off Blyth, Northumberland.

January 1965 - No. 5

Heat Serice
The Midlands heat service which looks after domestic boilers.

Training in human kinetics.

Space Saver
Hydraulic motors underground save space.

Tokyo Gold
Miner Michael Shelton wins a gold medal in the paraplegic Olympic Games.

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February 1965 - No. 6

A visit to the Schoolboys' and Girls' Exhibition in London.

Amicable Arrangement
A stretch of derelict mining water in Yorkshire has become a nature reserve

Coal on the Move
The movement of coal by rail.

March 1965 - No. 7

The use of computers in the coal industry.

Coal and Soap
Bestwood Colliery, Nottingham, supplying coal to a neighbouring soap works.

By the Light of Knowledge
How an idea for a coal cutting machine, the Anderton Shearer Loader, became a reality.

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April 1965 - No. 8

A Mine is Born
Kellingley, one of the most recent of the National Coal Board's big new mines to be completed.

A portrait of racing cyclist Peter Hill.

Hands and the miner.

May 1965 - No. 9

Dogs Allowed
A Yorkshire miner who breeds Pomeranians.

Safety First
George Brown MP presents safety prizes in the National Coal Board's East Midlands Division.

Lucy's Table
Miners play trick billiards.

Scotland's First
Killoch Colliery, the first in Scotland to raise a million tons of coal in a year.

June 1965 - No. 10

Longannet Power Station, Scotland will be opened in 1968 and will use six million tons of coal a year.

Two Kent miners who are keen golfers.

The Watched Pot
Coal's part in the distilling of Scotch whisky.

Eight Leicestershire miners who have created a European record in coal production at Rawdon Colliery.

July 1965 - No. 11

Way Ahead
Young soldiers in training visit an exhibition on the coal industry, while mining apprentices start training.

In the Bag
A visit to the Coal Handling Exhibition.

Net Results
Coalfields netball tournament.

Safety in Mines Research Establishment's new explosion tunnel.

August 1965 - No. 12

Transport Today
Up-to-date methods of transporting supplies and men underground.

Gently Does It
Exhibition of the scientific use of muscle power.

On The Mat
An indoor bowling green at Blantyre, Scotland.

A mobile television studio in action in South Wales

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