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Mining Review: 19th Year (1965-66)

The nineteenth year of the coal industry's own newsreel

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This is a complete list of items screened during Mining Review's 19th year:

September 1965 - No. 1

Guys and Dolls
Lancashire Miner's Gala - complete with beauty queens and wrestlers.

Push Button
A colliery self-service canteen in operation.

Miners at Sea
Yorkshire miners who are also sea fishermen.

Big Show
International mining congress.

October 1965 - No. 2

Pounds, Shillings and Sense
A long-lasting light bulb for underground use.

Joy Ride
The use of coal in a children's railway.

The use of coal in dress manufacturing.

Thirsty Work
Coal for steam in a large London brewery.

November 1965 - No. 3

Top Secretary
A mining research official wins a Chamber of Commerce award.

The Plan
Plans to beat the plan to use less coal.

People Who Matter (1): The Apprentice
The importance of training new apprentices.

December 1965 - No. 4

Face Workers
Miners learn about mountaineering in Snowdonia.

Pillars of Strength
Powered supports underground give new safety.

Living Fire
A London exhibition on making homes warmer.

Face of Leprosy
How coal contributes to the drug for leprosy.

January 1966 - No. 5

Out of the Ashes
Making good use of the fine ash produced by Britain's power stations.

Roaring Game
Curling, played by the men of Killoch Colliery.

People Who Matter (2): The Rescue Superintendent
The superintendent of one of the National Coal Board's rescue stations.

February 1966 - No. 6

Challenge of Tomorrow
A referee and mining employee, Doug Cutting, speaks about current football problems.

Fair Play
Porth, in the Rhondda, is to be replanned.

Steel Town
Corby, a steel town which uses coal in many ways.

March 1966 - No. 7

White Collar Job
Kent miners who go to sea to fish.

Sea Change
Delivery of coal in polythene sacks to domestic consumers in Leicester

Progress in Safety
A safety exhibition at Glamorgan College of Technology.

April 1966 - No. 8

50 Years On
National Coal Board training officer Fred Draycott looks back over his half-century in mining.

Ideal Home
The Ideal Home Exhibition at Olympia.

Hunting Country
Deputy Tom Wilson runs a pack of beagles and terriers at weekends.

Right Dress
Protective clothing and equipment being tested and worn on the job.

May 1966 - No. 9

On Tour
The Prime Minister visits Bedwas Colliery and opens the Harold Wilson Estates at Caerphilly.

The Air We Breathe
The air we breathe and its importance in the mine.

Oriental Touch
Kendo and karate practised in Northumberland.

The C.U.C. 'Living Fire' girls.

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June 1966 - No. 10

Cliff Bottom
Durham's marine grotto.

Tom McGuinness
Portrait of the famous Durham miner-painter.

Fashion City
Liverpool solid fuel exhibition and fashion show.

Throckley Works
A new National Coal Board brick factory at Throckley.

July 1966 - No. 11

Mayor Day
The new Mayor of Castleford is the wife of a miner.

The National Coal Board Headquarters chess team.

Computer and co-operative society pay miners' pensions.

Merry-go-round trains between colliery and power station.

August 1966 - No. 12

New Areas for Old
The reorganisation of Britain's coalfields.

New Warmth
Solid fuel central heating at Nottingham School of Agriculture.

Two-Way Belt
Man-riding conveyor belts underground at Eppleton Colliery.

Flying Spark
A colliery electrician is a weekend flier.

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