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Mining Review: 21st Year (1967-68)

The twenty-first year of the coal industry's own newsreel

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This is a complete list of items screened during Mining Review's 21st year:

September 1967 - No. 1

An assessment of the function of coal in modern society and the future plans of the National Coal Board.

October 1967 - No. 2

We Visit Russia
A visit to the 5th International Mining Congress and an International Exhibition of Mining Machinery in Moscow.

A Helping Hand
Miners from Lea Hall Colliery assist the children of St Michael's Church of England Children's Home.

Secret Link
A revolutionary and still secret process is helping to produce the miles of chain that the coal industry needs.

November 1967 - No. 3

The new computerised weighbridge at Kingsbury Colliery speeds fully loaded coal trains on their way to the consumer.
A miner, J. Bacon, at Bentinck Colliery collects motor bikes. He has more than a hundred, some of them nearly fifty years old.
New road-rail containers which can carry 10 tons of smokeless fuel.
A faceworker, Harry Haines, at Donisthorpe Colliery writes poems of his experiences down the pit.

December 1967 - No. 4

Szczyglowice, a new colliery in Poland, is more a community than just a mine.
Children of Cotgrave miners revive an old tradition.
Eric Hodgkinson of Selston Colliery is the new European heavyweight wrestling champion under the name of Vince Apollo.
The Queen opens Billingham New Town's Sports Forum.

January 1968 - No. 5

Power in Britain
This issue marks the National Coal Board's 21st Birthday and uses the occasion to examine the place of coal in Britain's power and energy structure.

February 1968 - No. 6

A specially constructed skid track used by Coal Board locomotive drivers to learn how to use their trains safely.

We Never Closed
The all-year-round swimming pool at Dawdon Colliery in County Durham.

Atoms & Energy
The place of nuclear power in the nation's energy structure.
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March 1968 - No. 7

The Flying Scotsman, now privately owned, on a run from Grimsby to London.
Kinetic methods of lifting are becoming standard methods in mining today.
Mining pensioners keep in touch with mining today, while local youngsters keep in touch with them.
The new Trepanner power-loader, which cuts even more coal cheaper and faster.

April 1968 - No. 8

The future for boys in mining lies in advanced concepts of training.
Rochdale, Lancashire, pioneers a new form of centralised solid fuel distribution.
African violets, popular house plants, are literally reared on coal.
New techniques and new machines make it possible for mine roadways to keep up with the fast advance of the coal-face.

May 1968 - No. 9

Britain's coal industry depends on modern transport methods both for men and materials.
17 year old Marian, daughter of a Westoe miner, is one of Britain's top gymnasts.
Seven Yorkshire collieries keep Ferrybridge Power Station, one of the largest in Britain, supplied with five million tons of coal a year.

June 1968 - No. 10

Julie Wilkinson, an assistant at the Cusworth Hall Museum, sings a traditional mining song.
174 lamps light up one of Westoe colliery's faces - 800 ft. under the North Sea.
Bill Turner, a miner for 49 years and now retired, revisits the mine he helped to build/
Britain's newest coal-fired electricity generation station will soon be fully operational - producing power at just over a halfpenny a kilowatt per hour.

July 1968 - No. 11

M4's face at Longhirst in Northumberland is one of the first to produce a thousand tons of coal a shift.

August 1968 - No. 12

Judy Geeson presents one of the Coal News' competition prizes to a Welsh miner.
County Durham was the venue of this year's Paraplegic's sports day.
The British coal industry has achieved a 40% rise in productivity over six years.

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