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Mining Review: 23rd Year (1969-70)

The twenty-third year of the coal industry's own newsreel

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This is a complete list of items screened during Mining Review's 23rd year:

September 1969 - No. 1

A modern leisure house with solid fuel heating on view at the 1969 Liverpool Show.
Mining apprentices at Allerton Bywater Training Centre show schoolboys around.
NCB's brickworks have a production capacity of 550 million bricks a year.
Chalfont St.Giles, where the Southern Area Coal Queen is chosen.

October 1969 - No. 2

John Collier, painter of mining scenes, speaks about his art.
Dust-masks on the coal-face.
In a matter of weeks a drilling rig penetrates into coal strata that was born 250 million years ago.

November 1969 - No. 3

Norman Follis, blinded 22 years ago, successfully pursues a career in mining administration.
An automated district heating scheme provides heat, and water for Doncaster's new Civic Centre.
The Churchill brothers, identical twins, work as mining engineers at Rothwell Colliery.
Alan Boyd, an overman at Dinnington Colliery, spends much of his spare time gliding.

December 1969 - No. 4

76 year old Ernest Holder is one of the last practitioners of the ancient English craft of coal carving.
Barbara Hogarth - the North East's super coal saleswoman.
A 24 hours a day information and communications service in Staffordshire.
Baddesley Colliery's undermanager Roger Hargreaves's main spare time interest is water polo.

January 1970 - No. 5

A new mine shaft has been sunk at Daw Mill Colliery, one of the most productive mines in the Warwickshire coalfield.

February 1970 - No. 6

Tungsten Carbide Studs for safety boots.
Caldey Island, three miles off Tenby, is the home of a group of Trappists, who use 40 tons of coal a year to produce perfumes and other toilet requisites.
15 year old Elizabeth Blakey, champion Drum Major of the South Hetton Royal Scots Juvenile Jazz Band.
Woolley Colliery, more than 100 years old, produces over one million tons of coal in 1969 - more than ever before in its history.

March 1970 - No. 7

A new and compact underground loco opens up the possibility of railways in small mine roadways.
The Saints from Dalkeith - one of Scotland's top ten basket-ball teams.
Jeremiah Ambler, one of Britains's most modern dye works, uses coal in a big way.
Once a year 9 tons of coal are carried down a cliff face to heat the Douglas Head lighthouse on the Isle of Man.

April 1970 - No. 8

The apprenticeship of young entrants to British coal mining.
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May 1970 - No. 9

Miners from Killock Colliery enjoy clay pigeon shooting.
One of Scotland's newest collieries - Monktonhall Colliery, from which 9000 tons of coal are sent by rail to the Cockenzie Power Station every day.
William Wood, a maintenance engineer at Monktonhall and British judo champion, spends his spare-time teaching the sport to local youngsters.
Each year more than a million tons of metallurgical coke are needed by the nations's foundries, Lambton Coking plant turns out nearly half of it.

June 1970 - No. 10

For the second time, Fishburn wins County Durham's tidy village award.
The Mineranger locomotive on surface test at Markham Main and Prince of Wales Collieries.
Peter Heterington, a clerk at the Coal Board's Headquarters at Gateshead, is one of the North-East's most popular disc jockeys and interviewers.

July 1970 - No. 11

Men and Machines - Let's Work Together
Using expensive machinery and skilled man power as efficiently as possible is as important in mining as in any other industry.

August 1970 - No. 12

Scotland's Coal Queen.
Miners harness racing.
A 'Wild West' show in Ayrshire.
Scotland's biggest opencast mine at Westfield.

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