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Mining Review: 24th Year (1970-71)

The twenty-fourth year of the coal industry's own newsreel

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This is a complete list of items screened during Mining Review's 24th year:

September 1970 - No. 1

Tondu training centre, Glamorgan.
Members of the 'Cromwell Sword Club' re-enact the battles of Roundheads and Cavaliers for possession of Pontefract Castle.
The reconstruction of Convetry Colliery, and the transportation of winders and other equipment from the now-closed Mosley Common and Bradford Collieries for use in the scheme.

October 1970 - No. 2

Ridding Drift, near Barnsley, the most productive coal mine in Britain. The story is told of how the mine was developed and the reasons given why the 160 men who work there have shattered British and European productivity records.

November 1970 - No. 3

Silverwood is number one in the mining Productivity league. 1500 miners are working a new rich seam. Men, management and mechanisation are reaping a rich harvest.

December 1970 - No. 4

Prevention of disease, as well as its cure, is one of medicine's major pre-occupations. The National Coal Board and the University of Edinburgh are partners in the whole field of health in the industrial environment.

January 1971 - No. 5

The migration of many mining families to modernised mining areas or long-life collieries near their homes.

February 1971 - No. 6

Conversion for 'Decimal Day'.
How coal helps to produce a million pencils a week at a large London factory.
New entrants into coal mining are encouraged to participate and contribute - at work, at play, and in social activities.

March 1971 - No. 7

How the purity of methane gas - firedamp - is measured, and one way in which the gas is put to commercial use in a light bulb factory.
Colliery waste is helping to reclaim derelict acres in the Potteries.
New Year's Eve in Mountain Ash, where athletes meet to run in the New Year.Britain's changing landscape, and its continued dependence on coal for its energy needs.

April 1971 - No. 8

Safety in the mines.
*This film can be watched on BFI InView.

May 1971 - No. 9

Opencast mining is stepping up its output to meet the shortage of coal. Just as important to the nation are the restoration of sites and the landscaping of large tracts of the countryside.

June 1971 - No. 10

Britain is in rapid change. Our mining industry, basic to the nation's energy needs, has led, and continues to lead, the new industrial revolution.

July 1971 - No. 11

The lithographer Mary Louise Coulouris's prints on the mining industry.
The Cantamus Ensemble - a prizewinning girl's choir from Mansfield in concert at Wellbeck Abbey.
From smokeless fuel plants all over the country supplies are rolling out to meet the rising demand.

August 1971 - No. 12

Energy on Earth: Lord Robens and Mr Derek Ezra discuss the future of coal in relation to the world's energy needs.

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